YouTube’s Picture-In-Picture Mode- What We Know So Far

The good news is that YouTube’s picture-in-picture option will soon be available again. It was recently deleted from the iOS version of the app.

PiP mode, which was formerly a test feature available only to YouTube Premium subscribers, will soon be available to all iOS 15 users. When a person enquired about the missing feature, the Team YouTube account clarified it. PiP is not only making a comeback, but it will also now be accessible to all users, regardless of whether they pay for ad-free YouTube or not.

Use an iOS mobile device? In that case, all iOS 15+ devices will soon have access to the Picture-in-Picture feature, which is still in the process of rolling out. As needed, tweet us back. April 10, 2022

Even though the trial period lasted nine months, existing YouTube PiP users, like myself, might have forgotten that the function was only intended to be a short-term test. It was a bit of a shock when the option suddenly vanished (even from the YouTube Labs page where you had to enable it), so it’s helpful to have YouTube’s tweet explain the situation.

Users of Android can, however, relax. The picture-in-picture mode for Android phones is significantly simpler to set up and is already available for everyone running Android 8 or later, regardless of whether you have YouTube Premium or not, as you can see in our article on how to use YouTube in picture-in-picture mode.

As of right now, just one TG staff member who uses an iPhone still has access to it; everyone else, including YouTube Premium subscribers, has since lost that option. I’m hoping YouTube keeps its word and soon makes the feature available to everyone and to people who already had it. If you currently have the functionality, follow these instructions to make it active.

If you wish to activate the YouTube mini-player on your iPhone or reactivate it, follow these steps. Your app may not have been updated yet if these don’t work for you. Check the App Store right away to see if an update is available, or give it a day or two to see if it automatically updates on your phone.

  1. Select Settings from the menu that appears after tapping on your user symbol in the app’s upper right corner.
  2. Next, choose the heading General.
  3. You can turn on Picture-in-Picture mode if it’s an option that’s available to you.
  4. Simply close the YouTube app by swiping up from the bottom of your screen or touching the home button while a video is playing to use the function.
  5. By pinching, you can change the player’s size. The largest size, among the three that are offered, fills your screen’s entire width.
  6. You can swipe the player left or right to shrink it or remove it entirely. In order to get it back, tap the arrow icon.

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