Youtube Introduces New Features and New Look

Youtube Introduces New Features and New Look: YouTube is releasing a “minor makeover” consisting of a few new features and aesthetic tweaks to improve the video-viewing experience.

On Monday, the business said in a blog post that it would update YouTube with new features in response to suggestions from the platform’s creator community and visitors. Color modifications used to make watching movies less taxing on the eyes may be the first thing users observe.

The app’s background color may now be changed to complement the movie in an ambient mode, and it now features fresh vivid colours. With the new upgrade, YouTube’s dark background will allow stains to stand out more clearly.

Meanwhile, a new feature will allow viewers to skip to the video section they want to see first, which could come in handy during a tutorial. Some improvements will be made to the video player, such as a pinch-to-zoom feature allowing users to zoom in and out of a video on mobile devices while it is playing.

Share and download options and YouTube links in video descriptions will soon be shown as buttons and “structured to minimize distractions.” YouTube has also announced that they would make some changes to the subscribe button, making it more prominent and less red across the channel and video pages. In the following weeks, we will begin rolling out the updated functionality.

Youtube Introduces New Features and New Look
Youtube Introduces New Features and New Look

Here are all the YouTube updates and features you may have missed

On October 27, YouTube announced that medical professionals (doctors, nurses, etc.) would soon be able to get their accounts verified. YouTube said in a statement, “With this move, we’ll be able to bring you more of the best healthcare content from more of your favorite channels.”

Mental health practitioners and anyone who supplies health-related information are welcome to apply for the certification. According to YouTube, “health source information panels assist viewers in finding videos from trustworthy sources,” and “health content shelves” feature videos from these sources when you search for health-related topics.

YouTube, which Google owns, has stated that applicants “must have proof of their license, follow best practices for health information sharing as set out by the Council of Medical Specialty Societies, the National Academy of Medicine, and the World Health Organization” and have a “channel in good standing.”

On the day of the announcement, the application procedure was launched at health. Youtube in the United States, but the business has promised to bring it to other countries and to include more medical fields.


On October 10, YouTube began allowing creators to establish “handles,” which are effectively a “@name” that can be used on multiple platforms. YouTube said in a statement that “every channel will have a unique handle, making it easier for fans to discover content and communicate with creators they love.”

YouTube says the user’s distinctive handle will be displayed on channel pages and in Shorts. Like on other social media sites, users can tag the handle in many places, including comments, descriptions, collaborations, and uploaded video titles.

The names of channels are not the same thing as their corresponding handles. The company said handles will be “another method to identify a YouTube channel.” However, “handles are truly unique to each channel,” so creators may “further build their presence and brand” on YouTube, the firm added.

YouTube has stated that the functionality will be released shortly, and creators will be notified when it is ready for their channels; personalized URLs will include their handles in the same name by default but can be changed if the creator chooses.

YouTube said it relies on a creator’s overall YouTube profile, subscriber numbers, and whether or not the channel is active or inactive.

Unskippable ads

An experimental new feature on YouTube requires users to watch five non skippable commercials before a video can be viewed. On September 8, YouTube replied to a user’s complaint about being forced to view five commercials by responding on the official Team YouTube Twitter account, which discusses improvements.

“hmmm…bumper advertising, which might be as short as six seconds, might be a format in which this occurs. They explained that you could also use YouTube’s built-in “submit feedback” feature if you’d like to share your thoughts with the YouTube team.

Several Gizmochina users have been vocal about their frustration with the platform’s non-skippable advertisements since a report on the subject was published on September 13. According to the source, YouTube’s unskippable ad system is only being tested for non-Premium users. This has sparked rumors that YouTube wants to lure more people to its paid Premium service.

However, the system is still being tested, as not all users of YouTube’s free version are being presented with the five adverts. In 2016, YouTube launched bumper advertising, referenced by Team YouTube in a tweet. These commercials may play before, during, or after a video and cannot be skipped.

Zoom in, zoom out

YouTube has begun testing a pinch-to-zoom function for its Premium members on its mobile app. The feature is optional and supports both portrait and landscape orientations, as reported by 9to5Google. Any area of the movie can be enlarged for closer inspection.

According to reports, YouTube only kept the function live as a test until September 1 to gather data on how users interacted with it. After YouTube makes the necessary adjustments, the feature is expected to be rolled out to a broader audience.

Enhancing supervision functionality

Parents can limit their children’s access to mature-themed films and music that can be searched for and played on supervised accounts if they are under 13. They can select the features, default account settings, and advertisements they feel are appropriate for their children.

To better assist guardians, YouTube stated in January 2022 that these supervised accounts would be able to utilize the video-sharing platform on compatible smart TVs and other devices (including cellphones, laptops, PCs, and tablets) via the YouTube app or in a web browser. YouTube Music is available on both the website and as a mobile app so parents can give their kids safe and easy access.

In the United States, parents with a supervised account can also access YouTube, YouTube Kids, and YouTube Music on devices with Google Assistant installed.

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