YouTube Adds New Tool To Form Shorts From Long Videos

Not just Meta is embracing short-form videos; YouTube is also trying to promote more of them by introducing a new feature that will allow content producers to turn sections of their current long-form content into minute-long Shorts variants.

In this series of steps, you can see how the new “Edit into a Short” option allows you to choose a portion of your standard video uploads to subsequently edit into a bite-sized version.

As a result, it might be much simpler for many more YouTube artists to incorporate Shorts into their workflow. Given that 1.5 billion YouTube users currently engage with Shorts each month, doing so makes a lot of sense in terms of expanding brand exposure and reach.

All of the standard Shorts editing tools, like the text editor, timeline editor, filters, etc., will be included in the converting process. In order to fill out the 60 seconds, you can extend your converted pieces with brand-new video clips or even use fragments from other videos.

Any Shorts you do make using this procedure will also link back to the original long-form video or videos, making it simple for viewers to get the complete content. This is also what happens when users cut videos using the ‘Cut’ option in the app.

The fact that YouTube already has a strong advertising framework in place for long-form content is a crucial factor in its attraction over TikTok. Short videos, on the other hand, are much tougher to monetize directly because pre-roll or mid-roll adverts can’t be inserted into them. Therefore, being able to direct visitors to your longer clips may ultimately prove to be quite beneficial for YouTube in terms of creator stakes.

The Creator Fund on TikTok and the absence of profitable revenue sources have already caused the discontent of its artists. Another part of community-building to a more comprehensive YouTube monetization strategy is driving more visitors back to your primary content stream.

It’s important to note that since this technology is only available to the original creator, you, only you, will be able to import your long-form videos into Shorts.

It’s a wise update, especially in light of the increased Shorts consumption and general user inclinations toward short-form video, as was already mentioned. Even though Shorts is a TikTok ripoff, users are really using it, so if that’s what they want and YouTube offers it, why shouldn’t it attempt to capitalize on that instead of losing market share to the rival app?

Building a following on TikTok is less lucrative, less immediately monetizable, and less scalable than building a following on YouTube. Although switching to YouTube has significant advantages for producers, you will miss the “For You” stream.

Given the popularity of TikTok right now, that isn’t a big concern right now. However, when more well-known TikTok stars progress to the point where becoming a full-time creator is a real, practical choice, YouTube may end up winning out while TikTok tries to keep users coming back.

Mobile devices running iOS and Android are currently receiving the new Shorts editing feature.

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