Xiaomi Bone Conduction Headset Now Available On Sale In China

Xiaomi Bone Conduction Headset: Earlier today, Xiaomi’s newest Bone conduction headset became available to the public. The item was introduced a month ago, but at first, customers could only pre-order it.

The headgear may be purchased through Jingdong for 699 yuan ($99). (JD.com). The sound is transmitted to the user via bone conduction, as the name suggests. This method uses sound waves to communicate with your cheeks rather than air.

Xiaomi Bone Conduction Headset
Xiaomi Bone Conduction Headset

It’s the same method marine mammals use while they’re submerged, and it’s speculated that Beethoven, a deaf artist, used it when composing music. This technology allows users to be aware of their surroundings at all times by letting them hear ambient sounds even as they listen to music.

The internal earphone vibrator, which is shaped like a track and helps increase sound quality, is designed in an unconventional way. It is possible that a 360-degree directional sound chamber might effectively exclude outside noise and keep people’s conversations private.

Quickly connect to your device with the new earbuds thanks to their Bluetooth 5.2 chip. According to Xiaomi, the delay in connectivity is as little as 86ms. Customers may work out without worrying about losing their connection to the headset.

The earbud can play for up to 12 hours on a single charge. It makes use of the popular Type-C connector found in many mobile device chargers. It only takes 5 minutes to charge, yet you may listen to music for up to 2 hours.

The MIUI pop-up rapid connection feature is also compatible with the Xiaomi Bone Conduction headset. When the device is in close proximity to the phone, pairing occurs instantaneously. It can withstand elements, including wind, rain, and snow, thanks to its IP66 dust and water resistance rating.

You can acquire it now from Gizmochina‘s online store Giztop, but there’s no news on when it will be released internationally.

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