Get Your Game On: January’s Free Xbox Games with Gold Now Available!

Xbox Games with Gold: Even though Xbox is focusing on expanding its Xbox Game Pass library, the company is still releasing free Games with Gold titles, with Iris Fall being the first one to become available in 2023.

Free games are available each month for Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members. However, the free Xbox Live Gold games are only available for a limited time, so subscribers should act quickly to get their hands on them.

Due to the staggered release schedule for the Xbox free Games with Gold games, one of the games from the previous month is still playable.

Those who missed out on December’s free Xbox Games with Gold titles aren’t out of luck quite yet, as Bladed Fury will be available for purchase until January 3, 2023.

Anyone who wants Bladed Fury can get it for free until January 15th, and it will stay in their digital libraries as long as they maintain an Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription.

Xbox Games with Gold
Xbox Games with Gold

The first of January 2023’s free Xbox Games with Gold titles is now available, and subscribers have until January 31 to redeem them. For January 2023, the first new free Xbox Game with Gold is Iris Fall, which is a puzzle game that should please fans of the genre.

When Iris Fall was first released, it received mixed reviews, with many critics pointing out that they were disappointed by how short the game was, but those who downloaded it for free as part of Microsoft’s Games with Gold program shouldn’t have the same problem.

Xbox Live Gold members can get Iris Fall now, but they won’t be able to get their hands on the other free game for January 2023 until January 16. Xbox Live Gold members can get Autonauts beginning on January 16 and have until February 15 to do so.

Autonauts, a colony-building simulation game, has received better reviews than Iris Fall and should be a welcome addition to Games with Gold. Still, it’s easy to see why Xbox Live Gold members wouldn’t be thrilled by January 2023’s Games with Gold offerings, especially when compared to the free PS Plus games that month.

Xbox isn’t as invested in its Games with Gold games as it once was, but the free games are still a nice perk for those who subscribe to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

January 2023 Xbox Games With Gold Revealed

For January 2023, Microsoft has announced that Iris Fall and Autonauts will be free to Xbox Game Pass members.

According to Xbox Wire, when these titles release next month, they will be playable by anyone with an Xbox Live Gold membership or an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription.

The first week of January will have Iris Fall, which will be available until January 31, while the second week of January will feature Autonauts, which will be open until February 15.

Described as a “dreamlike, wonderfully created world of puzzles and adventure,” Iris Fall was launched in 2018.

Follow Iris as she follows a black cat into a “labyrinthine world of light and dark” in Iris Fall. Soon after, she starts to realize that she is intrinsically linked to this peculiar universe.

Autonauts was released in 2019, a year later, and it places players in strange, deserted worlds and gives them free rein to develop themselves in any way they see appropriate. Take advantage of the planet’s supplies, create robots, and train them to assist you in your tasks.

While you wait for these titles to come, remember that the December Xbox Games with Gold download window is still open. Colt Canyon will be available until December 31st, and Bladed Fury will be available until January 15th, 2019.

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