Dragonflight Season 1 Takes Flight in World of Warcraft Sending Dungeon Runs Plummeting!

World of Warcraft: While World of Warcraft: Dragonflight has been well-received by players, the second week of the expansion’s first Mythic Season saw a decline even more significant than Shadowlands’.

All eyes are on Mythic Keystone dungeons now that Echo has the World First Kill for Mythic Raszageth in Vault of the Incarnates. Mythic+ has been a staple of World of Warcraft’s endgame content since it was introduced in Legion, and its popularity has grown to rival traditional raids.

When it comes to Mythic Keystones, most World of Warcraft players’ enjoyment is directly related to the weekly affixes of a Mythic+ dungeon. It would be an understatement to say that Blizzard‘s affixes for Week 2 of Dragonflight Season 1 have been anything but pleasant.

World of Warcraft
World of Warcraft

While Mythic Keystones aren’t intended to be easy due to the strength of the gear, they award, having over 200 deaths isn’t fun for anyone and is a common occurrence for players taking three hours or more to complete Ruby Life Pools on higher keys.

The actual numbers seem to back this up, showing a dramatic decrease in the number of Dragonflight dungeon runs from Week 1 to Week 2. Nora the Destroyer compiled and posted this graph to the official World of Warcraft subreddit.

It shows that after 3.2 million players completed Mythic+ dungeons in Week 1, only 1.8 million players attempted them in Week 2. Because of this decline, Dragonflight’s ratings look worse than in Season 1 of Shadowlands. Though there’s no reason to be alarmed, it’s still important to dig into what led to the decline.

Fans of World of Warcraft would rather spend the holiday week relaxing with loved ones than slogging through overturned dungeons like Ruby Life Pools to take on the ruthless affixes of Week 2.

It’s hard not to speculate that Blizzard released the game’s most punishing set of affixes during the one week when players were entitled to take a break. After all, it’s early in the season, and there are still plenty of chances for players to advance to Dragonflight Keystone Master.

We can expect Fortified, Sanguine, and Volcanic to make things much easier for healers and Mythic+ groups, so the Week 3 statistics will have interesting ramifications for player engagement in World of Warcraft.

Blizzard is confident in Dragonflight regardless of whether or not the numbers improve or continue to decline. In 2023, they plan to release six content patches for World of Warcraft of varying sizes.

However, it could prompt a rethinking of particularly irritating suffixes like “Grievous” on the part of the developers. Dragonflight, the latest expansion for World of Warcraft, is now available for PC.

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