The Wait is Over: World of Horror Arrives in Summer 2023!

World of Horror: According to the creator panstasz and the publisher Ysbryd Games, the acclaimed independent video game World of Horror will leave Early Access after three years of play during the summer of 2019.

World of Horror has been under development for quite some time, with the initial release not occurring until February 2020; however, fans have been quite excited about each new update that has been released.

World of Horror
World of Horror

If you haven’t been paying attention to World of Horror yet, you should know that it will likely be one of those games that people will talk about for many years. One of the few games in its genre that combines a stylized look with semi-roguelike survival horror RPG gameplay.

The gameplay is a blend of horror that’s so odd it’s occasionally silly, with a stylized visual. The most recent update, released at the end of October this year and titled Blood Moon, adds new objects, secrets, and character origins to the procedurally generated horror town.

It promotes itself as a “1-bit love letter to Junji Ito and H.P. Lovecraft” and describes “a horrific rogue-lite universe with turn-based combat and merciless decisions.”

The fact that the events in the distant Japanese city of Shiokawa are controlled by a deck of event cards that the player can manipulate makes it the most exciting aspect of the game for many people. These cards determine the kind of terrifying occurrences in the city.

By the way, it is a little bit your job to stop that impending disaster. I repeat: It is a little bit your job. The outcome of the riddle is determined by chance, and each possible effect involves either the world being saved, destroyed, or made somewhat worse.

You can purchase World of Horror on Steam and for $15. If you think that’s a good concept, there’s a demo on You can also visit the World of Horror website at and follow its developer on Twitter. Both of these options are available to you.

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