Wo Long Fallen Dynasty is a Soulslike or Not? Open World Gameplay

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty’s release date is almost here, and even though it’s not open-world, it’s a very exciting game that feels a lot like Souls.

As of this writing, there are no reviews for Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, but the date of the review embargo that was leaked suggests that reviews will be coming soon.

It’s another game by Team Ninja, the same people who made Nioh, and it’s been compared to souls-like games. It looks great, and you’ll soon be able to explore a lot of open areas.

Is Wo Long Fallen Dynasty a Soulslike?

Yes, playing Wo Long Fallen Dynasty is a soulslike experience. FromSoftware is known for games like Dark Souls, Bloodborne, and Elden Ring, which are all in the soulslike genre.

Team Ninja, best known for Ninja Gaiden and their own souls-like series, Nioh, is making Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. Like games like Dark Souls and Nioh, WLFD doesn’t let you choose how hard it is. There are also multiplayer modes where you can work together with friends or attack the world of another player.

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There will also be several huge bosses that will be very hard to beat. But unlike most souls-like games, WLFD doesn’t have a bar that shows how much energy you have left.

Is There an Open World?

The world in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is not open. Team Ninja said in an interview with WCCFTECH about story and demo feedback that areas are more open than in Nioh and have many reasons to explore, even though the game is not open-world.

The game is set in China, and it features ‘huge vistas, unique landscapes, and massive castles’. WLFD is different from Nioh in that you can jump, and Team Ninja has said that because of the morale system, it’s important to explore stages.

But the story is broken up into stages so that players can “focus on the action and the intensity of battles with as few distractions as possible.”

Even though there isn’t a full sandbox, Team Ninja is making a ninja game called Rise of the Ronin that is set in an open world. Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty comes out on March 3, 2023, and can be played on Xbox Game Pass.

It is one of the March 2023 day-one releases, along with MLB The Show 23. Even though it doesn’t come out until the next day, Xbox players can get early access by using the “New Zealand release time trick.”