Wild Hearts Release Date, Platforms, Gameplay, and Development

Electronic Arts are going to publish Omega Force’s next action role-playing video game known as Wild Hearts under the EA Originals label. Wild Hearts was created by Omega Force. The player’s objective in Azuma, a fantasy environment heavily influenced by feudal Japan, is to track down and kill enormous creatures.

Release Date and Platforms

The video game is scheduled to be made available for the PlayStation 5, Windows, and Xbox Series X/S platforms on February 17, 2023.

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In the game world of Azuma, players take on the role of an anonymous hunter who is tasked with completing objectives in order to track down and kill enormous monsters known as Kemono. Azuma is not an open world; rather, it is divided into a number of major sections where players are free to roam around.

There are a total of eight distinct types of weapons available in this game, some of which include Wagasa and katana. Through the Karakuri gameplay mechanism, players not only have the option of employing weapons to vanquish foes, but they may also construct things that lend a hand in battle.

For instance, players have the ability to construct containers that they may launch themselves off of to inflict significant damage on foes, as well as torches that can be used to set enemies ablaze. Nevertheless, these individual components can be assembled into larger machines, such as a bulwark that stands in the way of an adversary’s advance.

The items that were made were meant to be permanent, but Kemono managed to destroy them. In addition, players have the option of constructing Karakuri to assist in the traversal. The creation of Karakuri requires the use of thread, which can be obtained by simply engaging in combat with other players.

As the player advances through the levels of the game, they will be able to obtain additional weapons and armor, which will enable them to take on increasingly difficult creatures. The development team has determined that the game’s narrative campaign may be finished by players in approximately thirty hours.

As they move through the game, players have the option to form alliances with up to two other players.


Omega Force, a Japanese development studio, was responsible for creating the game. 2018 marked the beginning of work on the game’s development. According to Kotaro Hirata, the director of the game, the development team sought to build a contemporary take on the Japanese monster-hunting genre using the knowledge they gained while working on the Toukiden series.

Kemono is a monster that was described as a mix of nature and animals, and Karakuri is a building mechanic that enhances the game’s melee fighting. These additions were made by the development team so that the game would stand out from previous monster-hunting video games.

The purpose behind the creation of monsters and other hostile entities was to ensure that players would not experience any feelings of guilt when they killed them. The development staff decided not to include Wild Hearts in the Toukiden series because they considered that the game possessed its own unique presentation as well as its own set of gameplay mechanisms for battle.

Wild Hearts
Wild Hearts

The environment of the game was designed with a feudal Japanese aesthetic in mind, and it contains four distinct biomes, each of which is based on one of the four seasons. Initially, the game was designed to enable multiplayer sessions with up to four players; however, this aspect of the game was later changed since the development team felt that it would lead to unbalanced gameplay.

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Hirata mentioned in an interview with The Verge that Dynasty Warriors had become a pillar franchise for Omega Force and that with Wild Hearts, they hoped to have another strong pillar franchise. Hirata’s comments were made in reference to the fact that Dynasty Warriors had become a pillar franchise.

On September 14, 2022, publisher Electronic Arts made public its relationship with video game developer Omega Force and the latter’s parent firm, Koei Tecmo. The game would be released under the EA Originals label, which had previously published several smaller, independent video games including It Takes Two and Unravel.

This label would be used to publish the game. On September 23, 2022, the game was presented to the public in an official capacity. On February 17, 2023, Wild Hearts will be available for purchase for the PlayStation 5, Windows, and Xbox Series X/S platforms, and it will include compatibility for cross-platform play.

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Frequently asked questions

Will Wild Hearts be free to play?

Wild Hearts will support cross-play between several platforms and will have a premium price tag of $69.99 when it is released. The date of October 5, 2022 has been chosen for the lengthier gameplay reveal.

Is Wild Hearts like Monster Hunter?

The team here at Giant Bomb thinks the new game, Wild Hearts, is excellent and in no way a poor substitute for Monster Hunter. As a group, we're capable of holding our own. The Karakuri crafting system is the game-changing component of Wild Hearts, allowing players to quickly deploy a wide variety of items into the field to aid in combat, resource collection, movement, and other areas of gameplay.