Dwayne Haskins, Redskins, Giants

The Dallas Cowboys finished one of the most disappointing seasons on a recent memory Sunday with a defeat of 47-16 Washington Redskins. Despite a significant victory, the Philadelphia Eagles won the NFC East with a victory in New York, sending Duck Prescott and the Cowboys early in the offseason.

While the season may have been a disaster for many fronts for Dallas, one thing this campaign has truly reinforced is that Prescott is a franchise advocate moving forward. This is largely due to the best statistical season for the fourth year in QB’s career, in which he threw for career highs in passing yards (4902), touchdowns (30) and yards per attempt (8.2). He did all this, throwing a total of 11 interceptions. In addition, the Cowboys showed offense number one in terms of the overall yard in the league. So why not pay the person working in the center driving the engine?

Prescott was taken with the 135th pick in the 2016 NFL draft. He was not the first choice of the Cowboys in the fourth round, but rather the compensatory choice given to Dallas when they refused to re-sign the star running back to Demarco Murray.

Due to injuries to both Kellen Moore and franchise follower Tony Romo, the Mississippi product was introduced to the kick-off concert from day one and was asked to take on the burden and expectations associated with the American team defender. To say that he basically succeeded in this task would be an understatement, as Prescott was nominated for several Pro Bowls, twice won the NFC East and won the playoff game, which is a remarkable achievement in the modern era of football Cowboys.

He improved his game year after year and watched how many of his peers, players whom he either compared or excelled in statistics, received money before him. He and his team expected a new deal to be completed before the start of the 2019 campaign, but so far no agreement has been reached, and now the cowboys seem to be considering the idea of ​​a simple franchise marking their young 26-year-olds. QB ahead of the 2020 season.

The argument in favor of Dak franchising is that the new head coach and his employees will drive after Jason Garrett’s dismissal, and a deal with big money for QB, which they may or may not want, can prevent them.

This seems like a silly point of view, as Jerry Jones is not used to making important decisions and just forcing his future coach to make them. This was the case when he hired Jason Garrett as an offensive coordinator in 2007 and immediately called him head coach, despite the fact that he did not interview any candidates for the vacant head coach position. Giving the QB franchise the deal that it deserves before hiring the next trainer would not be so great.

During a Sunday game with the Redskins, former Cowboy and Hall of Fame Troy Aykman said Duck and his team were surprised that an agreement was not reached with the spirit of the Cowboys. Moreover, he pointed to Prescott’s rookie year when Duck led Dallas to a 13-3 record and best NFC seed.

Instead of expressing excitement about the first launch of the playoffs of his young quarterback, Jerry instead pondered the idea of ​​”ending the storybook,” in which Tony Romo would step off the bench and lead Dallas to the Super Bowl title. According to Aikman, this bothered Prescott, forcing the caller to ask if the franchise really appreciated him and everything he did. It is for this reason that it would be a mistake for the Prescott franchise now.

There is speculation that the contractual situation with Duck Prescott at least somewhat distracted him from the season. Combined with Troy’s previous context, it’s easy to see that Prescott may feel underestimated not only by part of the fans, but also by his own office. Carson Wentz was paid for less statistics and despite numerous injuries. Jared Goff was paid, even though he was a celebrated bus driver during his team’s Super Bowl run.

Deny Prescott that he earned, despite the fact that he was not drawn up somewhere near the top two picks of the 2016 draft, which were Wentz and Goff, and instead tell him to “prove it”, essentially a slap in the face .

Players should be aware that their franchise and coaches respect and trust them. By tying a new, comparable deal with the two QBs mentioned above, outside of his reach, Dallas runs the risk of promoting this split with the single most important player on their list. Of course, exact terms and dollars should make sense to all participants, but cheating on your QB from what it should be a terrible idea.