Meta Starts An iMessage Advertising Campaign With The Slogan, Whatsapp Is Much More Private And Safe

To compete with iMessage, Meta is launching a new advertising campaign. Mark Zuckerberg’s new advertising campaign aims at Apple, saying the company is hypocritical for supporting end-to-end encryption for iMessage but not for regular SMS. The end-to-end encryption provided by WhatsApp “functions across both iPhones and Android.”

Meta: WhatsApp vs. iMessage 

In an Instagram post, Zuckerberg showed off the new ad, which can be seen in New York City’s Penn Station. It’s a nod to the “Green Bubble vs. Blue Bubble” discussion, depicting both types of chat bubbles with one that says “Private Bubble” in WhatsApp. The advertisement states, “Encrypt all your communications between devices to keep your private data safe.” “Converse in secret at all times.”

Zuckerberg’s commentary goes even further: “WhatsApp is significantly more private and secure than iMessage,” in which he criticizes Apple for not supporting end-to-end encrypted iMessage backups and the lack of end-to-end encryption when chatting with Android users.

WhatsApp is far more private and secure than iMessage, with end-to-end encryption that works across both iPhones and Android, including group chats. With WhatsApp, you can also set all new chats to disappear with the tap of a button. And last year we introduced end-to-end encrypted backups too. All of which iMessage still doesn’t have.

In addition, Google has been more critical of Apple for its refusal to add RCS support to iMessage. While end-to-end encryption is available for RCS communications, Google has not yet implemented this feature for group chats.

In addition, Google’s continuing ad campaign “Get the Message” criticizes Apple for not using RCS. For smoother group chats, higher-resolution media sharing, and read receipts when texting between iPhones and Androids, the company thinks Apple should adopt RCS.

Meta isn’t trying to get Apple to start using RCS. Meta would suffer if Apple implemented the feature because it would make WhatsApp unnecessary for many users.

Final Lines

With end-to-end encryption that works on iPhones and Android, WhatsApp is significantly more private and secure than iMessage, especially regarding group discussions. In addition, WhatsApp lets you quickly delete all new conversations with a button. Additionally, we launched fully encrypted backups last year.

Despite the pressure, Apple has not indicated that it plans to support RCS in the Messages app. Is it time for Apple to give in and implement RCS on the iPhone? Whether or not it should take more measures to facilitate interaction across platforms. What do you think? Tell us in the comments below.