Get Ready to Transfer Your WhatsApp Chats to a New Android Device with Ease!

WhatsApp Chats: WABetaInfo claims that the next version of WhatsApp will add the ability to share WhatsApp conversations between two Android devices over a local Wi-Fi network (either through Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi Direct).

By incorporating this function, users will no longer have to back up their chats to Google Drive or another cloud service before transferring them to a new device. WhatsApp Beta versions and were discovered to have the new chat transfer feature through a local network.

Having this skill is simple. WhatsApp requires the device's camera to be opened so that a QR code can be scanned when importing chats from another device.

Transfer Your WhatsApp Chats
Transfer Your WhatsApp Chats

Now, on the other gadget, open WhatsApp's settings and tap the “Export data to another device” option to bring up a QR code and complete the transfer.

Just point your new phone's camera at the QR code and presto! Your two phones will instantly establish a local network connection and begin exchanging data.

Since transferring data over a local network is typically much faster than downloading it from a cloud service, this upcoming feature in WhatsApp will not only simplify the process of transferring chats but will also make it much faster compared to the current process.

The new function is currently being worked on and may soon be made available for beta testing. The new function will be made available in the stable version of WhatsApp once WhatsApp has finished testing it.

However, there has been no announcement of a release date. The last year has seen WhatsApp implement a feature that allows users to move their chat backup between the two most popular smartphone platforms, Android and iOS.

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