Valorant New Agent Release Date, Codename, And Everything We Know So Far

With the release of Episode 5, the next addition to Valorant’s roster, Harbor, is officially confirmed. You’ll find all the information you need on the new character Harbor.

Since the game’s formal debut on June 2, 2020, a deluge of new characters has been introduced, leaving little time for players to rest on their laurels.

Radiant Initiator Fade may now be the latest recruit, but she won’t have that title for long because Agent 21, now known as Harbor, is about to join the fight.

The Official Codename For Valorous Agent 21. Some people thought they had figured out who Agent 21 was from a Riot teaser, but they were wrong.

On July 30, an email with the name “Varun Batra” in the subject line emerged in the Practice Range, suggesting the arrival of a new “REALM operative.” The character’s name.

According to the developers, Harbor will play the role of a Controller who can “cover huge open areas” in the game.

The Indian protagonist swims into combat with the tide at his back as each of his powers draws on the force of water in some way.

Harbor may affect a round in several ways, thanks to the old technologies he employs to make water do his bidding.

The Turkish Radiant Initiation Fade is the team’s newest member, but she won’t hold that title for long because Agent 21 will be joining them soon.