The Nvidia RTX 4090 Is Undergoing Testing At This Time; Allow Us To Demonstrate Its Size

Although we have limited information at this time, the GPU’s massive dimensions may help shed light on who it is not intended for.

A lot of work is being done in the Ars Technica GPU testing salt mines (not to be confused with the mining for which GPUs were originally developed).

Nvidia sent this beast of a GPU to Ars Technica for review, but at a price that puts it out of reach for most consumers, even in a category where prices are generally rising.

Although we are not at liberty to discuss the results of our testing at this time, our upcoming articles will reflect this GPU’s actual price range of $1,599 and up.

The Nvidia RTX 4090 appears to be a technological powerhouse, with specifications that far outstrip those of the already-excessive RTX 3090 Ti released in the first half of 2022.

The 4090 has roughly 50% more CUDA cores and between 25-33% higher counts in other significant categories, particularly cores dedicated to tensor and ray-tracing calculations

Obviously, if the power limit isn’t going up, the size of the new chassis has to increase, and that means you’ll need three full PCI-e slots in your preferred

In addition, the case you choose must accommodate at least three cables with standard 8-pin power connectors, each of which can be connected

Our upcoming review, scheduled to go live next week ahead of the GPU’s October 12 release date, will go much further than this unboxing, which is limited to discussing features and specifications.