The Narrative Video Game Was Revolutionized By ‘BioShock’ 15 Years Ago!

Back in 2007, “BioShock” hit the Xbox 360 and PC platforms as summer was winding down, just in time for the yearly Fall influx of major releases.

What sets “BioShock” apart from previous video games like “System Shock 2” was its reluctance to incorporate these cinematic rhythms into a traditional film structure.

In contrast, “BioShock” spends most of its time inserting the same plot points, such as villain monologues or Rapture disintegrating, into the action.

Beyond its impact on the ecology of game culture and how games were perceived in general, “BioShock” also gave rise to offspring of its own.

Levine added, “Gameplay is gameplay. Gameplay is interactive. Levine said that this reality was the source of “BioShock’s” actual heart.