Sony Orders 2 Million PlayStation VR2 Headsets

Sony has set a lofty goal of manufacturing 2 million PlayStation VR2 headsets by the year 2023. A person familiar with the matter has stated.

That the console manufacturer intends to raise production of the VR goggles in order to generate “sales momentum” for the next-gen wearable.

According to a Bloomberg article published on October 3, Sony has set March 2023 as the end date for manufacturing VR2 headsets.

By selling enough of the new product, the company hopes to avoid the current economic crisis.

Sony, however, hopes to go against the grain of the general trend of rising prices at the world’s technology companies.

Notebook Check claims that Apple is in talks with Samsung and LG about the company’s upcoming virtual reality headset.

According to the report, Apple’s wearables will use screens manufactured by Sony. Apple reportedly wants a better quality AMOLED screen .

Consequently, it may seek assistance from well-known screen suppliers in order to fulfill its demand.

In 2023, the Apple Glasses’ main selling point will be its OLED display’s pixel density of 2800 PPI.