Pokemon Scarlet And Violet’s New Pokedex Is Fantastic

Yesterday, Nintendo released a lengthy trailer for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, detailing new features and new friends coming to the game.

Farigiraf, the evolved form of Girafarig from Gold and Silver, is revealed by Pokemon Scarlet and Violet at about the seven-minute mark of the trailer below.

The trailer showed that the regional Pokedex had received a major visual upgrade to reflect the addition of new Pokemon entries.

Every Pokemon you’ve ever caught will be represented in the Pokedex by its official artwork, just as it has been in every game before.

Sure, the Pokemon aesthetic is still instantly recognizable, but with Scarlet and Violet, it seems like things are shifting.

For the purpose of showcasing Farigiraf, the dex opens to reveal a set of photographs of recently captured Pokemon, displayed as though on a shelf against a wood-paneled wall.

There are photos that look like they were taken in the wild with a camera phone like Pokemon Snap, and then there are photos

Pokemon using Charm, Struggle Bug, and Icy Wind include Pikachu, Venonat, and Glaceon. Grimer, Meowth, and Gardevoir are just some of the other Pokemon.

The highlight was the ability to go on picnics with your Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet, similar to the camps in Sword and Shield.