Pixel Watch Battery Life: How Google Got Pixel Watch To Last For 24 Hours Without Charging?

Pixel Watch Battery Life: While the Pixel Watch has received much criticism, one area of consensus is that its battery life is subpar. Google advertised the Pixel Watch

Google has now added an explanation of how it arrived at the 24-hour figure in a support document for the Pixel Watch.

– 240 notification – 280-time check – A five-minute LTE phone call – 45 min LTE and GPS workout with downloaded YouTube Music playback.

– 50 minutes of navigation via Google Maps while connected to a phone via Bluetooth – The watch is configured with the default settings, including the always-on display set to off.

The fact that the always-on display is disabled is very noteworthy. One of the most notable features of the Pixel Watch is its insistence that consumers turn on the always-on display.

On top of that, I contend that I use my Pixel Watch much less frequently than Google claims. The Digital Wellbeing app on my phone estimates that I receive around 100.

I don’t remember the last time I looked at the time on my Pixel Watch, and I rarely use the phone, the GPS, or Google Maps functions.

Under those conditions, the Pixel Watch’s battery life doesn’t even make it to day two. Although I’ve gotten into the habit of charging my Pixel Watch before I sit down.

Despite widespread criticism of the Pixel Watch’s battery life, it’s important to note that it competes favourably with the Apple Watch, widely considered the best smartwatch.