Overwatch 2 Mei Will Be Out Of Commission For A Few Week

Overwatch 2 has lost another hero, this time for approximately two weeks. Overwatch 2 Mei will be temporarily removed from service on Monday owing to an issue with her Ice Wall ability.

Blizzard Entertainment announced on Twitter. If all goes as planned, Mei will be added back into the game on November 15 via a patch.

I’ve been devastated as a Mei major. Not working properly? Not the enchantment for a sword I was anticipating.

A flaw with Mei’s Ice Wall ability that lets heroes access undesired regions have been identified, thus Blizzard has temporarily disabled her until it can fix it.

Our next scheduled patch will go live on November 15 and will include fixes for these issues, as well as the return of Mei.

Because of the glitch, Mei was able to travel outside the limits of the map. The glitch is demonstrated in action on the Busan map of Overwatch 2 in a video shared on Reddit.

In this video, a Kiriko player teleports to Mei using the Swift Step ability. Later on, the players take advantage of the exploit to teleport Symmetra off the map, too, making both of them.

Mei’s suspension is the first of its sort, but Overwatch 2’s shaky debut last month led to a slew of similar bans. Due to several issues and the fact that they prevented players .

Overwatch 2 was praised as “a highly engaging team-based FPS, packed full of charm and passion for the universe it takes place in” in our review.