OnePlus 10T Reviews, Phone With Extraordinary Processing Power And Battery Life!

The OnePlus 10T, an upgrade to the phone that was never, will be available in late summer to take up the position left by the 10 Pro by one notch.

The 10T does make some compromises in other areas, with the camera being the most important one given that it is not a Pro.

The display, while 120Hz capable, is nevertheless not exactly a flagship feature because it lacks the fine-grained adjustable refresh rate that we have come to anticipate from high-end models

Other than the adaptor and cable that go with it, the box has not had much more in the way of accessories. For what it’s worth, there are a few 1+ stickers.

There isn’t a protective case included, but OnePlus sent us several from their selection of cases, which are available for buy separately.