Microsoft, Apple, Alphabet, Meta, and Amazon Earnings Outlook: Making Sense of the Major Tech Companies' Results.

Microsoft, Apple, Alphabet, Meta, and Amazon: The list of corporations expected to report earnings surprises are made public by Apple, Amazon, Alphabet, Microsoft, and Meta stocks.

The first is: Growth is fading. Several factors, including rising interest rates in reaction to inflationary pressures, easing logistical difficultie.

An increase in sales is depicted by the orange bars in the above graph. For the third quarter of 2022, revenues are projected to increase by 11.3% year over year, while earnings are forecast to increase by only 1.6%.

The Second is: Margins are holding up better than most of us would have expected.  The last three quarterly net margins have been lower than the same period a year ago, but the challenges aren't being.

The Third is: The narrative that earnings estimates remain too high is misleading if not altogether wrong.  If you've been following our results commentary, you know that we've been warning about the steady.

In light of this, we stand by our earlier assessment that the story of the changes is inaccurate, at best. As we mentioned before, estimates have been dropping steadily and have dropped by more than 10% since mid-April.

Some investors believe that, given expectations for a modest recession in the U.S. economy, earnings in 2023 should be lower than in 2022, rather than the +3.5% growth that is now projected.