A macOS Ventura Flaw Breaks Third-party Security Software

While the October 24 release of macOS 13 Ventura brought many improvements to Macs, it has created issues for customers who rely on third-party security software.

Apple introduced a bug in the 11th Ventura developer beta, released on October 11, while trying to fix a vulnerability in the previous beta.

Apple assured WIRED that the problem will be fixed in the upcoming macOS software update, but the company wouldn’t provide a release date.

“Of course, all of this coincided with us releasing a beta that was meant to be compatible with Ventura,” explains Thomas Reed, director of Mac and mobile platforms at antiviru.

Full disc access, or system visibility, is required for security monitoring software to perform scans and detect malicious activity. Since this privilege could be misused in the wrong hand.

However, longtime macOS security researcher Csaba Fitzl discovered that despite the robustness of these setup precautions, he could quickly deactivate or withdraw.

Despite Apple’s repeated attempts to patch the vulnerability throughout 2022, Fitzl claims he was always able to find a workaround.

After “Apple corrected it,” Fitzl claims, “I bypassed the fix,” and then “Apple fixed it again,” and so on. I think it’s fair to say that we exchanged views three times before.

After installing macOS Ventura and using a security scanner, double-check the scanner to see whether it is reporting any problems.