Instead Of Using Google As A Search Engine, Generation Z Is Using TikTok As A Search Engine.

NEW YORK – The phrase “Googling” may be synonymous with “searching” online, but that may be changing for the generation known as Gen Z.

They apply it in various ways, according to Sheares. “It is therefore possible that they are seeking for it and searching in a manner comparable to how you and I would search.

A scrolling stream of videos that TikTok’s algorithm thinks the user would be interested in can be seen on the app’s “For You” page.

Sheares added that members of Gen Z are particularly drawn to TikTok’s use of video because they believe the platform provides them with more thorough search results as a result of the format.

The use of images and video in web searches may become a permanent trend. Google debuted a brand-new function called “Multisearch”