GTA New Leak Fans Are Concerned that the Map May Be Too Large

GTA New Leak: In light of the released footage of GTA New Leak from the Rockstar Games hack, fans are worried that the area size for Grand Theft Auto VI may be “too vast

Grand Theft Auto VI’s modern Vice City, two player characters named Jason and Lucia, dialogues, animations, and levels were all revealed in the hack.

which was devastating for the developer. The hacker also claimed to have stolen the source code, assets, and internal builds.

Seeing Homelander save the day in New York City… er, Los Santos is like a dream come true. He seems like a genuinely good person.

Fans are currently discreetly piecing together a map from the scattered pieces while Rockstar Games and Take-Two Interactive hustle to pick up the pieces.

Fans began piecing together the map using Microsoft Paint and Google Earth screenshots, eventually coming up with an outline to fill in the spaces.

It’s a huge difference. Fans, despite their long wait for the new game, don’t seem over the moon about this development. We’ve seen time and time again that bigger isn’t always better.

A mix of rural and urban areas, à la San Andreas, would be great. For a game like Grand Theft Auto 5, there are just too many empty mountains “joined with another Considering.

A Reddit user has gone one step further to estimate the game’s scope, as reported by GamesRadar+ as if the leaks themselves weren’t enough. Using the leak’s coordinates.