Did The Gta 6 Hacker Get 2.2 Bitcoins For Disclosing The Game’s Source Code!

After a hacker broke into Rockstar Games’ systems and leaked 90 gameplay videos on Reddit, the gaming community was in an uproar.

Rockstar Games tweeted that they had been hacked and were communicating with law enforcement about the incident.

The hacker who leaked the source code for Grand Theft Auto 6 was paid 2.2 Bitcoins.

MrMattyPlays, a popular gamer on YouTube, saw the tweet and made a video about it, which has now racked up more than 50,000 views.

The rumor that the hacker sold game source code for Bitcoin was busted by MrMattysPlays. MrMattysPlays’ video.

The hacker responded to claims that he received Bitcoins or $100,000 by claiming, via Telegram, that the wallet address provided is false.

The Bitcoin wallet address “Bc1q5ctpkgan2npcwwsq9esvuq2fzne3m6qd8he7c5” was checked by Bitcoin Explorer Mempool Space and found to be a forgery.

According to the website, the aforementioned wallet address is linked to scams and currently holds $96,690 from 6 separate transactions.

In conclusion, the hacker who leaked the Grand Theft Auto 6 source code did not receive 2.2 Bitcoins or $100,000.