Chrome’s New Extension Platform, Which Has Been Controversial, Is Coming In 2023

Most ad blockers will be rendered useless by the switch to Manifest V3. Google has been steadily working toward a new extension platform

Manifest V3, for Chrome. There is now a set a date for its release. The company may begin disabling Manifest V2 support in the Canary, Dev.

Beta channels starting with Chrome 112 in January 2023. After that, Chrome 115 (in June) will begin testing the removal of stability-channel support.

All Manifest V2 extensions in the Chrome Web Store will be set to private for the stable channel’s migration to Chrome 3.

However, the change has not been without criticism. Even though Google claims that many of the changes made in Manifest V3.

These days, ad blockers like uBlock Origin and AdGuard use Chrome’s “webRequest” API to prevent certain types of HTTP requests from being made.

However, this approach can lengthen the time it takes for pages to load and display, which Google would prefer to avoid. In its place, Manifest V3 mandates using a “declarativeNetRequest,”

Which effectively requires using a blocklist of particular URLs. The issue is a cap of 30,000 “rules” on the list. Ad-blocking lists can have hundreds of thousands of members.

A tiny sliver of good news for business users: Manifest V2 extensions will still be supported until January 2024.