How to Explain God Of War Ragnarok Leaked Early, Spoilers Are Everywhere?

One of the most anticipated PlayStation 4 games of the year, God Of War Ragnarok Leaked, is not scheduled for release until November 9

Last week, we reported on a similar incident, but one that paled in comparison; reviewers for the game had inadvertently made public their image.

However, this is the whole game that has been available for nearly a week before its official release. There’s speculation that the game was leaked when a US retailer

This is a tired old trope in the news industry. It’s easy to see why Director Cory Barlog would be a little down.

After hearing last week that Modern Warfare II’s BluRay disc is only 72MB, he tweeted, “Right now, I can definitely grasp the benefit of having just an installation.

Barlog further stated, “Sorry to everyone that you have to dodge the spoilers if you want to play the game fresh; it’s utterly fucking stupid you have to do this.

Meanwhile, Santa Monica Studio has published a statement asking everyone to be courteous of fan.

As the release date draws near, our team is taking extra precautions to protect the God of War Ragnarok experience for those who wish to play the game for the first time

Infinitely more than we can express in words, we are grateful for your unwavering support. When the game finally launches on November 9, we promise you won’t regret waiting for it.