Fans Are Angry As Nintendo Removes Mario’s Buttocks From The Direct Announcement

Fans of Nintendo’s products are furious about the company’s decision to include Super Mario’s trademark “thicc” buttocks from the promotional materials for the new Super Mario adaption.

The Japanese video game developer has scheduled a fresh Direct for this coming Thursday, and it will center on the upcoming Mario movie.

The poster for the 2023 film included the castle of Princess Peach, mushrooms, and other elements associated with Nintendo, but Mario’s privates were conspicuously absent.

More information about NextShark: A stressed-out elephant tears its Thai owner in half Instead, viewers were treated to a view of a concave butt that appears like Mario detonated a POW Block on it

Even in “Paper Mario” from the year 2000, Mario’s posterior wasn’t a focal point of the game.

Recently, though, gamers have been able to make the character in games like “Super Mario Odyssey” more “thicc” with the help of mods.

Basically, Nintendo is looking its biggest fans in the eye while spitting on their legs. Moreover, why?

The fact that these diehard fans already had an appreciation for modded levels and speed runs is a big reason why Super Mario Maker is expected

Nothing good comes from this except more dissatisfaction among the company’s fan base. Woah, you guys are smart.