Eu Launches Antitrust Probe Into Microsoft’s Activision Deal

Eu Launches Antitrust Probe Into Microsoft’s Activision Deal: The European Commission has officially launched an investigation into the business plan.

It’s possible that Microsoft will block access to the Activision Blizzard system and games. Especially for its wildly popular titles like Call of Duty, this holds true.

Xbox’s Phil Spencer has guaranteed players that “as long as there’s a PS to ship to,” they can count on Call of Duty to be on the platform.

Minecraft was maintained on multiple platforms by the firm. So, it might work the same magic for Call of Duty. Players have put a lot of hours into building up their console.

In its announcement, the Commission states that it will investigate how the merger will affect online gaming subscription services like Game Pass.

Candy Crush and Call of Duty are just two of the company’s many successful games. Over 5,000 game designers and programmers call this place home, too.

Microsoft lacks compelling options for mobile gamers. Activision, however, has. King, a developer of mobile games, is the company’s crown jewel, having earned $1 billion.