Call of Duty Legends Will Compete In The $25k Black Ops II Invitational

Veterans and rising stars alike will be gathering at Arlington, Texas’s Esports Stadium on October 15th and 16th for a Call of Duty tournament.

Black Ops II will be the twist that sees them competing in “somewhat randomized” teams for a $25,000 prize pool.

A lot of people are looking forward to ‘The Off-Season’ because it will feature some of the most spectacular players to ever compete in competitive Call of Duty over the past decade.

Additionally, they will be competing on what is generally agreed to be the pinnacle of Call of Duty multiplayer games.

Back To Black Ops II Call of Duty: Black Ops II made significant strides toward improving COD esports at the time.

A single season on Black Ops II was potent enough to shape the future of the COD scene for years to come, and it is generally agreed.

On October 15th and 16th, 16 of the most legendary Call of Duty players of all time will return to the platform in an effort to win the lion’s share of $25,000.

Many of the players featured on those four teams are high-caliber competitors at the world championship level.

This competition has the potential to go down in history for Call of Duty competitive gamers. It’s a real-deal get-together of some of the industry’s most legendary players