WatchOS 9 Released For Apple Watch: What Is New And How To Get It

On Monday, Apple announced WatchOS 9, a significant update for the Apple Watch. The new WatchOS 9 will be a free upgrade for existing users. WatchOS 9 was announced for the first time by Apple at the company's annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June.

Every year, Cupertino updates the software on its smartphones with new features. The improvements made to the program this year are hardly revolutionary, but they are nevertheless important. Many things have changed, and the following are just a few enhancements that will affect how you utilize your Apple Watch.

What Is The Launch Date For WatchOS 9, And How Do I Get It?

On September 16, Apple will launch the new Apple Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch SE (2), while on September 23, the Apple Watch Ultra will be released. Apple said the updated operating system would be accessible beginning September 12.

What Will You Need?

  • An Apple Watch 4 or later
  • An iPhone 8 or later

What Are The Steps To Get WatchOS 9?

You can't update your Apple Watch unless you've got iOS 16 on your phone. In iOS 16, you may contact the update by navigating the Settings app, selecting General, Software Update, and then Download and Install.

When it's done, the program will force your phone to restart. After that, select Watch > General > Software Update in the Watch app. Your Apple Watch and iPhone will charge more quickly if they are nearby. Make sure that both can access the internet via a wireless network.

What Exactly Will Be New In WatchOS 9?

The most exciting is a brand-new fitness app. You'll be able to check your heart rate zones, Activity ring data, and more as you begin your workout. There's no need for anything more complicated than turning the Digital Crown.

WatchOS 9 Released For Apple Watch
WatchOS 9 Released For Apple Watch

Your health data is used mechanically to determine your heart rate zones. It's also possible to make them by hand. Personalization is possible in setting your work and rest periods.

As with WatchOS 9, the Sleep app has been given a significant facelift. Sleep Stages is a new feature coming to iOS. Using your rapid eye movement (REM), light sleep, and deep sleep patterns, Sleep Stages will help you evaluate the quality of your night's rest.

WatchOS 9 also has several brand new and updated watch faces. To better showcase global cloud cover, the astronomy watch face has been updated for the Apple Watch's more prominent display.

Alternatively, there's Metropolitan, a clock face that you can modify to show whatever time and date you like, complete with moving numerals and complicated hands. Meanwhile, when you turn the crown of a Lunar calendar, you'll see a lunar date. At long last, Playtime is a joint effort between Joi Fulton and me as an artist.

Apple has included a new Medications app in WatchOS 9 to facilitate the use of prescribed medications. The Medications app's primary purpose is to help you keep track of all the different pills, capsules, and powders you use.

The app allows users to enter their medications and receive reminders at the appropriate times. Even if you don't own an Apple Watch, you can still use the Health app on your iPhone to track your drugs.

When updated to WatchOS 9, the Apple Watch can track a user's Afib duration (atrial fibrillation). This new function records your cardiac history and generates a report you may take to your doctor.

At long last, Apple Watch will include a power-saving mode. Similar functionality can be found on Apple's iOS devices, such as the iPhone and iPad. By temporarily turning off features like Always-on-Mode on the Apple Watch 5, for example, the gadget's battery life is significantly increased.

With this capability enabled, Apple claims that the Apple Watch Series 8 will last up to 36 hours on a single charge and that the Apple Watch Ultra would last up to five days. The good news is that Apple Watch Series 4 and earlier versions will soon have access to low-power mode.