Find Every Warmind Node in Destiny 2 with Our Handy Map and Guide!

Warmind Node in Destiny 2: During the Warmind expansion, players of Destiny 2 had to use Resonate Stems to generate Override Frequencies, which were then used to activate Sleeper Nodes across Mars. Because Season 19 is all about bringing Rasputin back to life, the previously-discontinued Sleeper Nodes—now known as Warmind Nodes—have returned.

There are only 16 Warmind Nodes, and they are dispersed across three locations, unlike their Year 1 counterpart. There are a total of twelve people in the group; six are on Europa, six are on the Moon, and the remaining four are in an undisclosed location. All the Warmind Nodes can be accessed from this location.

Paul Woodward’s January 3, 2023 revision: Now that Revision Zero has been made available, players of Destiny 2 can acquire all eight Warmind Nodes. Four of them are exclusive to the Exotic mission Operation: Seraph’s Shield, while the other twelve were found in free-roam zones.

Operation: Seraph’s Shield is the only Season 19 story mission that can be played more than once. However, since players’ Override Frequencies are distributed at random, it is highly unlikely that they will obtain all four at once. Therefore, the four Warmind Nodes cannot be obtained without running this mission multiple times.

Warmind Node in Destiny 2
Warmind Node in Destiny 2

Warmind Node Access Methods

Destiny 2 players should have plenty of Resonate Stems on hand before beginning. It is impossible for players to make their own Override Frequencies without these. Players will need four Resonate Stems for each Warmind Node in order to generate an Override Frequency.

The process is random in terms of which Override Frequency is generated, but it will provide players with a clue as to where the Warmind Node is hidden.

Moon’s Strategic Control Points

There is one Sanctuary Warmind Node, two Archer’s Line Nodes, one Hellmouth Node, one Sorrow’s Harbor Node, and one Anchor of Light Node on the Moon. While these Warmind Nodes are easy to find as players explore, they cannot be accessed until the player has the corresponding Override Frequency.

Players of Destiny 2 will hear the music play and see a visual effect when they are near the Warmind Node for which they have an Override Frequency. Behind where Eris Morn is having this conversation is where the Sanctuary Warmind Node can be found. If you leap off the ledge, you’ll land on the precipice above the abyss.

The Archer’s Line’s first Warmind Node can be found on the dome-shaped building’s catwalk after some exploration. Once you reach the end of the large crack, you will have reached the second Warmind Node in Archer’s Line.

When the visual effect appears, players who have the Override Frequency for this Warmind Node will know they are getting close. The Warmind Node is conveniently located below you. The slanted circular building at the Anchor of Lighthouses is the Warmind Node.

This part of the Moon has many nooks and crannies, making it more difficult to track down the Warmind Node in the Hellmouth. You can return to the Hellmouth by using the Landing Zone in Sorrow’s Harbor and turning around. Instead of approaching the Hive structure, proceed forward and descend to the path that leads to the Warmind Node.

Sorrow’s Harbor is home to the last remaining Warmind Node. To reach the Warmind Node, descend the stairs to the Scarlet Keep and head to the right, where you’ll find a narrow passage.

Every Single Europan Warmind Hub

Two of Europa’s six Warmind Nodes are located outside of active combat zones. You can easily access the one in Charon’s Crossing by jumping off the ledge directly opposite where Variks is standing.

It is a lengthy journey to Beyond’s Warmind Node. Right after entering the camp, you’ll find yourself on the in-game map, leading you directly to the beginning of the first mission in Beyond Light. The Warmind Node is located here.

Asterion Abyss is home to a single Warmind Node. In this area, you’ll want to find a small opening between the ice and the wall near the back of the sizable Vex structure. It is here that the Warmind Node will be located. Using Charon’s Crossing, you can get to Campus Ridge, where the Warmind Node is.

As soon as you reach Campus Ride, you’ll see a ledge on the left that you can use to cross over to the other side. The Warmind Node is located at the end of that ledge. There are actually two Warmind Nodes in the Eventide Ruins.

The first is on a snow-covered catwalk inside the partially buried dome. The second Warmind Node can be found in a concealed cave on the cliff face close to the Eventide Ruins Landing Zone. The Warmind Node can be found in a cave to the right, which can be accessed by descending some stairs.

The Seraph Station Warmind Nodes

Seraph Station houses the remaining four Warmind Nodes. During Operation: Seraph’s Shield, players are able to visit a location that was inaccessible at the beginning of Season of the Seraph. You’ll find the first Warmind Node not too far into the mission proper.

Once you’ve solved the second Scanner puzzle, you can access a Warmind Node by ascending a set of platforms. The second Warmind Node can be found near where the Operator Augment is unlocked in Destiny 2. When the first panel is shot, you can enter the newly opened room. The Warmind Node is located in a small alcove to the left, which has a row of columns.

As the mission progresses, you will reach the third Warmind Node. The giant Hive Knight from earlier in the game will return to fight the player after they have completed the space platforming section. A Warmind Node is housed in a small room on the right side of the corridor, protected by flashing lasers.

After defeating the final boss, you’ll gain access to a room containing the fourth and final Warmind Node. There’s a Warmind Node off to the left if you’re looking for one. Playable on the PS4, PS5, Steam, Xbox One, and Xbox One X/S, Destiny 2 is now available.

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