Warframe Veilbreaker Release Date Announced By Digital Extremes

There is a new Warframe update on the way! The curtain will be lifted, and we’ll get a sneak peek at what’s to come in Warframe’s newest expansion. Digital Extremes announced at TennoCon that “Veilbreaker” will be the next Warframe update.

Warframe Veilbreaker Official Trailer Revealed

Warframe’s The New War expansion is recreated in miniature form in Veilbreaker. There is a Grineer Lancer Kahl-175 from the previous expansion, as well as a rebuilt version of The New War’s boss robots, the Archons, in this expansion. Veilbreaker will also see the debut of Warframe’s 50th, er, warframe, but that wasn’t shown in the trailer today.

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TennoCon stream revealed more than just a new expansion. Open-world expansion The Duviri Paradox was shown in greater detail after months of speculation. By the end of the year, that should be here. Digital Extremes, the game’s creators, have also revealed plans for a fantasy spin-off called Soulframe. Rebecca Ford, Warframe’s current creative director, has had an impact on both Veilbreaker and The Duviri Paradox. Steve Sinclair and Scott McGregor, who were previously the project’s leads, will now work on Soulframe.

Warframe is still one of the best free PC games

One of the best free PC games currently available in Warframe. A lot has changed since its inception, from a few level tilesets to a full solar system. In addition to the dogfighting missions and a hoverboard, there are now AI companions, as well as a wide variety of Warframes to learn.

Warframe’s Veilbreaker Release Date

Warframe’s Veilbreaker is scheduled to release in August. Warframe is available for free on Steam. Check out our beginner’s guide to Warframe while you wait for the new updates to arrive.


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