The Official Wanted: Dead Trailer Debuts Just Before the Game’s Release

Soleil has unveiled the Wanted: Dead video. Wanted: Dead is a third-person action game created by the same studio as Ninja Gaiden, Dead or Alive 4, and Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time. Players will hack and slash their way through hordes of adversaries and execute flashy takedowns.

To a near-future cyberpunk environment, Wanted: Dead aims to introduce the hard yet flowing and enjoyable combat style of Ninja Gaiden. Since Ninja Gaiden co-creator Yoshifuru Okamoto is a founding member of Soleil, and the studio has since created games like Ninjala, they are no strangers to this type of satisfying combat.

Wanted: Dead Trailer
Wanted: Dead Trailer

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Even while Ninjala was successful, it was always up against games like Splatoon, which had the backing of Nintendo (as evidenced by the Splatoon 3 chocolate splat fest) and a long history in the gaming industry. Wanted: Dead, on the other hand, finds its own niche and was created by some of the first minds to work on high-octane hack-and-slash games.

Soleil has unveiled the Wanted: Dead launch trailer just in time for the game’s release on Valentine’s Day. The movie features gameplay footage, cutscenes, and voiceover to provide a deeper look into the game’s story. Unlike previous trailers, which provided in-depth looks at features like Wanted: Dead’s finishers, this one serves as a more basic introduction to the game. The trailer portrays a dark universe with unique characters suitable for an older audience by relying on some severe violence and overused action movie tropes.

If you wish to view the trailer for Wanted: Dead, you can do so below-

Despite the excessive violence and explicit language, Wanted: Dead has the potential to offer philosophical questions in the spirit of Blade Runner; Hannah Stone is forced to take down “synthetics,” and at one point in the trailer, she is seen questioning one of them if they feel pain.

Very few games effectively venture into the world of philosophy, and even fewer do so when put next to such horrific brutality, so if Wanted: Dead does go down this path, it will be a challenging balance. It will be interesting to watch how the game plays out if the frenetic battles against a wide variety of opponents and bosses are accompanied by a more in-depth look into humans.

Tencent acquired Soleil Game Studios in 2021, and the upcoming release of Wanted: Dead will be the studio’s debut game following the acquisition. Tencent has either fully or substantially acquired a number of studios. The unique qualities of studios like Riot and From Software have remained unchanged despite fears that a large publisher would wipe them out.

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