Vecna Stranger Things: What Happened With Vecna in Volume 2?

Vecna Stranger Things: On May 27, audiences were introduced to Vecna, the ultimate enemy of the Upside Down, in the horrifying season four opener of Stranger Things. David Harbour, who plays the villain, described him as “a psychological horror that I don’t believe we’ve truly seen” in an interview with Variety and the skeleton, the gravelly-voiced monster in the nine episodes of volumes 1 and 2 lived up to the advanced hype.

As you may have noticed on Twitter, the cliffhanger to episode 7 changes the entire course of the show. After the huge disclosure in episode 8, questions regarding the creatures of the Upside Down were finally answered in episode 9, which referenced information from as far back as the first season. Keep reading to learn more about Vecna, his goals toward Eleven, and the unfortunate citizens of Hawkins, Indiana.

Who Is Vecna?

The main antagonist of Stranger Things season 4 is a black-skinned humanoid with vines protruding from every part of his body. Vecna, though he is stuck in the Upside Down, can make telepathic contact with the human world, much like the Mind Flayer’s link to Will.

Using purely mental connections, he makes his presence known in Hawkins by brutally murdering the town’s teenagers (which is especially terrifying). Vecna’s name, like those of many other monsters in the Upside Down, comes from the role-playing game.

According to Digital Spy, the antagonist of the game is a lich (or undead wizard) who raises an army to aid in his ascent to godhood. The D&D monster, like the Stranger Things antagonist, feeds off of people’s suffering to gain influence over them, because it thinks that secrets are the actual source of power.

Despite Season 4 being the beginning of Vecna’s murderous rampage in Hawkins, the monster appeared in the 1950s. Through her sleuthing, Nancy discovers that the monster has previously preyed upon the Creel family, led by patriarch Victor Creel.

The family began experiencing terrifying visions and the appearance of dead animals shortly after arriving in Hawkins. Victor was wrongfully convicted of killing his mother, son, and daughter and spent many years in prison.

When Nancy and Robin visit the man in the asylum, he claims that a “devil” possessed him and committed the killings before he was able to break its trance (more on that later).

Vecna Stranger Things
Vecna Stranger Things

What is Vecna’s Curse?

Chrissy Cunningham, a cheerleader, is the first victim of Vecna’s wrath in the pilot. Chrissy’s emotionally abusive mother triggered an eating disorder that manifested in physical symptoms such as headaches, nausea, nightmares, and finally waking hallucinations.

This whole curse lasts for about a week, and twenty-four hours after Chrissy first begins seeing visions, she falls into a deep trance in which Vecna brutally murders her by making her float, breaking all of her bones, and gouging out her eyes.

Max, still mourning and feeling guilty following the murder of her brother Billy, is one of Vecna’s targets. Other students, she goes after include a student newspaper reporter whose friend died in a car accident and a jock who seemed to have troubles with his father.

Thankfully, Nancy makes it to Creel before Max enters his final trance, and she finds out that the song served as a form of music therapy to break his link with Vecna. Max is about to die when Lucas plays her favourite song (a brilliant usage of Kate Bush‘s “Running Up That Hill”), and she can escape back into the actual world through the sound of the music.

Deaths have a devastating impact on the barrier separating our world from the Upside Down, and not just because they kill people. When Vecna kills someone, a portal to the Upside Down is created in the spot where the victim was standing.

If he keeps going, portals to the monster-infested dimension will soon appear all over Hawkins, and the barrier itself could be compromised.

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How did Vecna come to be?

Eleven teams up with Dr Owens to undertake a strange experiment to restore her powers as the Hawkins-based faction of the Hawkins gang investigates Vecna’s origins. Dr Brenner, her self-proclaimed “Papa,” forces her to replay her training in Hawkins Lab so that she can relearn how to access her powers by connecting a sensory deprivation tank to a computer and manipulating what she sees (she had suffered something akin to a stroke during the season 3 battle, which made her unlearn them).

She meets an orderly at the lab who covertly backs her up while she’s being bullied by kids her age during the field trips (a sort-of mirror to her being bullied in California). He befriends her because he realises she is the most influential of the kids, and he uses this knowledge to his advantage by having her remove a “tracker” from his body.

He then goes on the rampage from the first episode of the season, which Eleven blamed on herself, to prove that he has always had superpowers. In reality, he is the first person Brenner ever tried to increase his telekinetic abilities on, hence his nickname.

What happens with Vecna in Volume 2?

Vecna’s sequences in Volume 2 are reactions to the crew’s four-stage plan to kill him, as opposed to the offensive actions he took in Volume 1 (killing youngsters and opening portals). In the Creel attic, he falls for Max’s trap and puts her in a trance (this is shown in a terrifying moment in which Lucas probes Max’s deepest fears before we learn he is a fake).

Max manages to escape the villain by recalling the season two dance, but he tracks her down and turns the opulent high school gym upside down in the process. Eleven rides shotgun on Max’s trance distracts Vecna for a while, and then takes charge, locking up the females in his mental palace.

He pauses to provide a villainous monologue in which we learn more about his time spent in the Upside Down. When it seemed hopeless that he would break Max’s bones, Eleven used her power to stop him. Meanwhile, the Hawkins crew’s various subgroups launched an attack on the hive mind, and Steve, Nancy, and Robin set fire to his corporeal body.

Vecna reveals in his internal monologue that he explored the Upside Down after his crash landing, discovering more about this “realm unspoilt by civilization” (where the demogorgons already existed).

From this, we can deduce that Vecna built the Mind Flayer to fulfil his fantasies of becoming a predator, which is the “big, amazing, cool thing” that Bower had hinted at in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. The collective consciousness is his consciousness, and he has been sending puppets to Hawkins ever since Season 1.

Throughout the years, we catch glimpses of his behaviour. When Eleven was practising mind projection before the first season, she mistakenly unlocked the portal, allowing Vecna to return to Earth. After she repeatedly blocked his progress in the first and second season finales, he looked for a means to steal her power.

In season three, El was captured by the Mind Flayer, and by some means, he absorbed some of her power and learned how to use trances to unlock the gates. It turns out that the Hawkins crew had a winning strategy after all, but Vecna still managed to come out on top. Similar to Mike Myers, he leaps out of the Creel home’s window and vanishes.

Max’s four gates are finished when he passes out for one minute before Eleven pulls her mind back. The portals spread throughout Hawkins, killing many and destroying the barrier between the Upside Down and the surface.

Will Vecna Return In Season 5?

Definitely. The truth has been revealed, and Vecna must return to try to carry out his original mission. He tells Eleven within his mental palace that he has Hawkins and the globe in his sights “to crash and burn When that time comes, you can count on me to be there to pick up the pieces and rebuild something wonderful.”

The cast and crew are remaining tight-lipped about the upcoming season to preserve the mystery around the show’s climactic conclusion. For example, in an interview with Variety, Jamie Campbell Bower stated that he “couldn’t possibly tell” if he will return for Season 2.

“I can’t say. Here, Matt and Ross are doing their own thing. Sure, they’ll introduce it when they’re ready. In any case, time will tell. Sure, we’ll hold off judgement till we see what they have in mind “He revealed his thoughts to the media.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Billy Vecna in Stranger Things?

Billy Hargrove's time on Stranger Things was brief, but it will not be forgotten. He was the ideal vessel for Season 3's antagonist, with his mullet and moustache. His significance diminished, however, when Vecna ascended to power in Season 4, and his grave became the site of Vecna's first meeting with Max.

Is Vecna a Demogorgon?

Stranger Things season 4 revealed The retcon alters crucial moments from earlier seasons to make Vecna the show's true villain, the mastermind behind both the Demogorgon and the Mind-Flayer.

Is Vecna Eleven's dad?

As the theory goes, Eleven's biological father is Vecna. Initially, it was featured on a TikTok-hosted podcast by the name of Just The Nobodys. This notion seems far-fetched at first, yet there is some support for it.

Why is Vecna called Vecna in Stranger Things?

This is very sweet for him. Vecna, like the demogorgon, is named after the popular Dungeons & Dragons monster. Learn all about the new antagonist in Stranger Things right here!

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