Vampires Survivors Beware: Secrets to Defeating Death Revealed!

Vampires Survivors: The goal of Vampire Survivors, a rogue-light game with retro visuals, is to stay alive. The longer a player can hold out against waves of foes, the higher their score will be. However, a terrifying Reaper figure appears at the 30-minute mark of each game, dealing enormous damage and ending many plays.

However, with the right equipment, the Red Death is a foe that can be defeated. With a bit of item collection and some upgrades, they can take down this powerful foe for the first time.


A Survival Checklist for the Undead

Even though there are numerous strategies for vanquishing Death, this one appears to be the least complicated for Vampire survivors rookies to use. This is a rundown of everything that must be in place for this load to function as intended.

  • Unlock the Hidden Ground.
  • Get the Yellow Sign.
  • Unlock Crimson Shroud and Infinite Corridor.
  • Use these to mitigate Death's damage and survive past 30 minutes.

How to Find the Secret Path

Players must first gain access to the Hidden Ground. To do so, they must complete Moonglow using a character who isn't a secret. These include:

  • Boon Marrabbio
  • Exdash
  • Leda
  • Red Death
  • Toastie

At the end of 30 minutes, they will be warped to the Hidden Ground rather than Death showing up to kill the player. Their equipment is taken away, leaving them with only the standard-issued weapon for their class. After that, until the Yellow Sign is found, players can access this secret level directly from the main menu.

What Sir Antifa QC Says About Vampire Survivors on Twitter?

Sir Antifa QC Says I am addicted to vampire survivors. It's a stunning game.

Getting the Yellow Sign in Vampire Survivors

In the final area of Hidden Ground, players can pick up a Rosary. When you have the Rosary in hand, you should head to the right until you reach a column of stained glass windows. The Yellow Sign can be located there. The player can obtain several additional items by using this item.

  • Gold Ring
  • Metaglio Right
  • Metaglio Left
  • Silver Ring

Releasing the Limitless Passageway

Once players have the Yellow Sign, the Infinite Corridor is the first item they want to unlock. It can be opened with the Clock Lancet, Silver, and Gold Ring.

  • Upgrade the Clock Lancet to level 7 (Max Level).
  • Upgrade the Silver Ring to level 9 (Max Level).
  • Upgrade the Gold Ring to level 9 (Max Level).
  • Defeat a high-tier enemy in 10 minutes.
  • Open the chest of the high-tier enemy drops to get the Infinite Corridor.

Every enemy on the screen has their health reduced by half thanks to the Infinite Corridor; even Death doesn't stand a chance. Before killing Death, players must master damage mitigation and damage block.

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Ultima Says For fans of the game “Vampire Survivors,” did you know the game has a prequel called “Vampire Savior” that Capcom published many years prior? I highly recommend trying it out!

Now It's Time to Kill Death

Players who have completed the Crimson Shroud and entered the Infinite Corridor are prepared to face Death.

Having these two weapons in your arsenal should make short work of Death, allowing you to play for much longer than the initial 30 minutes.

Vampire Survivors can be played on the Mac, Mobile, PC, Xbox Cloud Gaming, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S/X.

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