Valorant New Map: Riot Games Introduces Lotus New 3-site Map for Valorant!

Valorant New Map: Riot Games has released Lotus, a new map for Valorant that takes inspiration from Indiana Jones. Lotus, another three-site map similar to Haven, features novel environmental elements like “rotating doors and destructible walls” and is “inspired by traditional Indian step-wells, rock-cut architecture, and Dravidian style structures.”

Watch the preview video down below to find out more: “With this second 3 site map, we hoped to demonstrate that we are committed to this structure rather than simply switching to a single map per site.

We also wanted to create a map that gave both sides plenty of room to maneuver “Joe Lansford, a level designer, said. “While developing the conceptual side of this map, we aimed to break new ground by including magical and fantastical elements, which had not appeared in our previous maps.

Valorant New Map
Valorant New Map

Due to the absence of Kingdom, we were able to more freely experiment with fantastical visual elements in Lotus “Brian Yam, head of concept art, chimes in as well.

“We wanted to explore the theme of grand adventure, mysteries lost to time, and a lost ancient structure. We drew some ideas and inspiration from Indiana Jones.

The rock-cut buildings were particularly appealing to us as a design element because of the air of mystery and antiquity they gave off.” Episode 6 and Act 1's Lotus will be released on January 10th, 2023, along with a new battlespace that will include a “9 Lives” classic gun skin and items inspired by New Year's and Valentine's Day. Also, a new Araxys skin series will be accessible.

According to producer 2 Victoria Kim, “the story is that these weapons were once wielded by an aggressive and dangerous alien race; large creatures, armored in hard unpierceable scales, who wielded advanced weaponry that could vaporize their enemies in the blink of an eye.”

“Only motivated by a ravenous appetite for human life, they annihilated galaxies and razed star systems to the ground.

And these guns are their legacy, weapons modeled in their form which keeps the memories of that hostile race alive, and with the threat of their return ever-looming upon the horizon of its unworthy wielders.”

In case you missed it, Riot Games is demanding “substantial” damages from NetEase because of the similarities between its cooperative shooter Valorant and Hyper Front, a mobile game developed by NetEase.

The lawsuit claims that free-to-play Hyper Front is “a copy of substantial parts of Valorant,” including its “characters, maps, weapons, weapon skins, and charms,” and was filed in multiple jurisdictions around the world, including the United Kingdom and Germany, due to differences in copyright laws.

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