Valorant New Agent Release Date, Codename, And Everything We Know So Far

With the release of Episode 5, the next addition to Valorant's roster, Harbor, is officially confirmed. You'll find all the information you need on the new character Harbor, including a rundown of his powers and when you can expect to see him in action. It appears that Harbor will soon be joining Valorant's ranks in their battle against the enemies of Valorant.

Since the game's formal debut on June 2, 2020, a deluge of new characters has been introduced, leaving little time for players to rest on their laurels. Radiant Initiator Fade may now be the latest recruit, but she won't have that title for long because Agent 21, now known as Harbor, is about to join the fight.

Now that the Indian water-wielding Agent's whole range of skills has been revealed, you know everything there is to know about him.

Harbor Is The Official Codename For Valorous Agent 21.

Some people thought they had figured out who Agent 21 was from a Riot teaser, but they were wrong. On July 30, an email with the name “Varun Batra” in the subject line emerged in the Practice Range, suggesting the arrival of a new “REALM operative.” The character's name, however, has been confirmed to be “Harbor,” thanks to a new artwork released on October 10.

According to the developers, Harbor will play the role of a Controller who can “cover huge open areas” in the game. A teaser image with the words “Jald hi milte hain” was posted on the official developer blog. This phrase means “See you soon” in Hindi.

The Indian protagonist swims into combat with the tide at his back as each of his powers draws on the force of water in some way. What I mean by it will become more apparent in a moment.

Harbor Abilities in Valorant

Harbor may affect a round in several ways, thanks to the old technologies he employs to make water do his bidding. There is much he can do, from slowing down his adversaries with powerful water blasts to obscuring their vision with waves. You may see his complete arsenal down below.

High Tide (E): PROFESSIONALLY SET UP a water barrier. LIGHT A FIRE to move the water down the ground more quickly. When you aim and hold the trigger, water will flow in the direction of your crosshair and create a wall wherever it goes through the world. When you need to turn off the water supply quickly, press ALT FIRE while bending over. If a player is hit, they will slow down.

Cove (Q): Prep a water barrier the size of a sphere. CARTRIDGE to launch or fling. Underhand toss with the ALT key. Create an impenetrable water barrier upon impact to stop the incoming fire.

Cascade (C): PREPARE a water wave to crash. Set the lock in motion by firing at it and watching it crash through barriers. REUSE to prevent the tide from spreading. If a player is hit, they will slow down.

Reckoning (X): Put your Artifact's full potential to use. IGNITE to conjure a pool of geyser water on the floor. Successive geyser strikes are launched against nearby enemy players. A CONCUSSION will occur with players in the path of a strike.

Valorant Agent 21 Release Date 

Harbor's arrival this month is verified by the official VALORANT Twitter account, even though he was never intended for Act 2.

The new Agent will be available in Episode 5, Act 3 (due on October 18, 2022). The dramatic trailer for Harbor, titled Turn the Tides: has already been released by Riot Games.


Later in Episode 5, we should meet the following VALORANT Agent. Riot Games hasn't given us the whole rundown on the new Agent, but we have a good idea of what to expect, thanks to leaks and in-game indications, thanks to leaks and in-game signs. The Turkish Radiant Initiation Fade is the team's newest member, but she won't hold that title for long because Agent 21 will be joining them soon.