Mastering the Art of Trapping in Valheim: A Complete Guide to Crafting the Perfect Trap!

Valheim: In Valheim, players can fortify their outposts with a wide variety of walls and spiked structures. These defenses must be robust enough to withstand the events/raids triggered by the game’s various bosses, without being too cumbersome to construct and position.

The Trap is a new, one-of-a-kind defensive weapon available to players as of the most recent update to Valheim, Mistlands. As hinted at in developer posts preceding Mistlands’ release on the Public Test Branch, this feature is now available to the public.

This device has a special ability, but it can be difficult to use for players who aren’t used to it. This guide was made to assist players in constructing the Trap.

Trapping in Valheim
Trapping in Valheim

Tutorial on Making a Valheim Trap

Valheim’s Hammer can be used to make the Trap out of 10 Bronze Nails, 5 Black Metal bars, and 1 Mechanical Spring in the miscellaneous category. To do this, players can set up their Trap anywhere in the vicinity of a functioning Workbench.

After reaching the ground, players must trigger the Trap’s release mechanism. Once activated, this item will deal damage to any creature that comes too close, including the player who created it. The Trap deals 100 base physical damage to any creature that steps on it and cannot be upgraded.

Once activated, it will cause 30 points of structural damage and will need to be reset. If the creature survives the encounter, it will leave the trap after a brief period of time. Hares, which are particularly easy to trap, are a prime example of the passive prey that these devices are designed to kill.

I Need to Make a Trap, But Where Can I Get the Materials?

A player can make 20 Bronze Nails at a level 1 Forge for the cost of 1 Bronze bar, with the ingredients listed in order of how soon they can be retrieved. You can also make bronze thereby fusing together two pieces of copper and one piece of tin.

The next step is to use coal and scrap Black Metal in Valheim’s Blast Furnace to create Black Metal bars. The latter can be acquired from chests and the drops of creatures in Fuling camps. As of the Mistlands update, the Mechanical Spring can be purchased from the Artisan Table in Valheim.

Traveling to the Mistlands will allow you to gather the necessary materials to craft a set of mechanical springs: 1 Refined Eitr and 3 Iron bars.

At the Eitr Refinery, players must combine Soft Tissue and Sap to produce refined Eitr, while at the Smelter, players must combine Scrap Iron and Coal to produce iron bars. Valheim is now available on PC, with an Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S release scheduled for early 2023.

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