Navigate the Savage Wilderness of Valheim Map Location with Our Ultimate Guide!

Valheim Map Location: If you've ever opened up a map of Valheim and zoomed out, you'll have some idea of the sheer size of each randomly generated world. While this uncharted territory may appear intimidating initially, it is possible to begin exploring it once you have a boat or two.

While it's important to be wary of specific biomes early on—for example, the Plains and the Mountains—the thrill of discovery is well worth the risk. However, you can do a few things to make your stay in the Viking equivalent of hell a little more bearable.

Further down, you'll find a collection of Valheim world seeds that you can explore and a map generator that will help you find whatever it is you're looking for. Are you prepared to embark on an adventure? Here's the lowdown on the map in question.

Valheim Map Location
Valheim Map Location

Valheim Map Location

Above is an example of the procedurally generated map used in every Valheim game. The maps are uniform in size and shape and always place the player in the geographic center. The ocean takes up a significant portion of every Valheim map, and the land consists of various islands of varying sizes.

The world seed is used to generate the map, and you can either choose a source at the time of world creation or leave it blank to have the game create a seed randomly. As you travel the world using your personalized Valheim map, you will inevitably come across various landmarks.

First, you'll probably come across some glowing red runestones that you can interact with to learn some background information. Many huts and towers that have collapsed into the wilderness have chests hidden within them, so it's worth exploring them.

Tombs, crypts, and dungeons, often guarded by Draugr and other enemies, can be found on every Valheim map and less desirable places of interest. So, as you travel the world, keep an eye out for such randomly appearing buildings.

How to place a map marker in Valheim

In Valheim, you can mark locations on the map to keep track of important landmarks, valuable objects, dwellings, and more. When the map is opened, the desired marker icon can be chosen from the five options in the bottom-right corner; then, with a double click, the desired location on the map can be marked.

You can give the marker a more descriptive name after it appears. Press the Enter key to commit the location. Right-clicking a feature removes it, while left-clicking it crosses it out.

If you're playing on a Valheim server with others, remember that you can't see their markers right now. Other players on the server won't be able to see your location unless you enable this feature by checking the “Visible to other players” box in the map's lower-right corner.

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How to ping the map in Valheim

You can now ping the Valheim map whenever you like. You can use this primarily for an inter-player chat. If you want to send a “ping” to a specific location on the map, you must open the map and click the middle mouse button there.

The creator of the ping and other players can view the location where it was sent. Pings can be seen in-game, making them sound even in single-player games for keeping your bearings as you travel.

That concludes this walkthrough of the Valheim map. Now that you've arrived in Valheim, why not consult our building guide so you can construct the finest base possible? Instead, you can read our Valheim strategy guide for more general advice on how to play the game.

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