Undisputed Boxing Game Xbox Release Date: When Will Be Available?

Undisputed will be playable on the Xbox, PS5, and PC very soon. The boxing game may be played on Steam’s Early Access platform right now, but it hasn’t hit Xbox One, PlayStation 4, or Xbox One X just yet. Here you’ll find information about when Undisputed will be available for consoles, as well as any other pertinent data.

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Undisputed Boxing Game Xbox Release Date: When Will Be Available?

Release information for Undisputed for Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5  is currently unavailable. Despite being in Early Access since January 31, 2023, a firm release date for the PC version has yet to be set.

Undisputed Boxing Game Xbox Release Date
Undisputed Boxing Game Xbox Release Date

While rumors of a console open beta for Undisputed have circulated, no concrete evidence of such a thing has yet surfaced. There’s also no word on whether or not the complete release will be live on all platforms at the same time.

There was a plan for the remainder of the year included with the Steam Early Access release, so we won’t see a full release until all those features are implemented. With a focus on attacking, setting traps, and utilizing the ring, the creators of Undisputed hope to create the most realistic boxing game to date.

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You can play it now on Early Access on Steam, but it lacks features that will be in the final product.

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Frequently asked questions

Will undisputed be on Xbox?

The next-gen consoles and computers will soon have access to Undisputed, along with the Xbox One X and S, the PlayStation 5, and PC.

Is the Undisputed boxing game out?

On January 31, PC users on Steam will have access to Undisputed, the first boxing video game since 2011. Fifty or more licensed fighters, a Career Mode option, and a women's category will be available in Early Access, the latter a first for any boxing video game.