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TSMC Celebrates 3nm Chip Production Before M2 Pro and Max

TSMC Celebrates 3nm Chip Production

TSMC Celebrates 3nm Chip Production

TSMC Celebrates 3nm Chip Production Before M2 Pro and Max: Mass production of 3nm silicon is beginning in Taiwan with a party after TSMC. Apple CEO Tim Cook announced its planned chip facility earlier this month in Arizona. And here’s why an event like this is so out of character for TSMC:

According to local media in Taiwan, TSMC is celebrating the launch of mass manufacturing of 3nm process chips with a party. Southern Taiwan Science Park in Tainan is home to the company’s “Fab 18” plant, where cutting-edge semiconductor technology production will soon be underway.

TSMC Celebrates 3nm Chip Production

It is unusual for TSMC to hold a ceremony like this. Industry watchers believe the company is doing so to allay fears over its recent investments in the United States. As of late, the budget for those Arizona facilities has increased by a factor of three, from $12 billion to $40 billion.

Analysts believe the corporation is hosting the ceremony to signal to the market that it plans to maintain its focus on Taiwan as a center for R&D and manufacturing despite its outside investments.

Although Apple presently markets the A16 as a 4nm chip, TSMC classifies it as an improved 5nm device. In 2023, Macs featuring the M2 Pro and M2 Max will be the first Apple devices to include 3nm CPUs.

TSMC’s Arizona facilities will also make 3nm chips (after first producing 4nm), but the company’s Taiwan facilities are where cutting-edge technology is anticipated to be manufactured first. By 2025, 2nm manufacturing is expected to enter mass production.

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