TP-Link Archer BE900 Router Announced And Will Available For $700 In 2023

TP-Link Archer BE900 Router: The “world’s first” Wi-Fi 7 router, based on the forthcoming IEEE specifications, was introduced by TP-Link at a time when most new Wi-Fi-based products are using Wi-Fi 6 or Wi-Fi 6E technology.

The TP-Link Archer BE900 Wi-Fi 7 Router is built on the forthcoming 802.11BE standard, which is the successor to Wi-Fi 6 and 6E and features faster speeds and lower latency, among other enhancements.

Wi-Fi 7 can also enable a device to connect to two spectrums at a time utilising Multi-Link Operation (MLO), which implies that users can connect the device to 5GHz and 6GHz simultaneously.

TP-Link Archer BE900 Router
TP-Link Archer BE900 Router

It has backward compatibility with Wi-Fi 6, 5, and earlier technologies. Users will require a device that supports Wi-Fi 7 in order to make use of the new technology’s high-capacity channels, which can be as wide as 320MHz. Wi-Fi 6E, by contrast, works with channels as broad as 160GHz.

TP-Link Archer BE900 is a flagship quad-band Wi-Fi 7 router that comes with LED lighting and a touchscreen. The clock, the weather, and wireless data can all be accessed with a swipe of the front.

OpenVPN and a secure Internet of Things (IoT) network for connected gadgets are among the technologies supported. The flagship router enables wifi rates of up to 24Gbps, which is less than the top speed of 40Gbps enabled by Wi-Fi 7.

But in comparison to a Wi-Fi 6E router, the throughput is more than twice as fast. It offers a combined 10Gb SFP+Fiber WAN option with an additional 10Gb WAN port, and they may also be used as LAN.

Available for presale on December 31st, the TP-Link Archer BE900 Wi-Fi 7 Router will begin shipping in the first quarter of 2023. The business has announced that the price in the United States would be $699.99, while the specific release date is yet unknown.

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