The Top 5 Racing Games You Need to Play in 2023!

Top 5 Racing Games: The beginning of a new calendar year is unlike any other time. The promise of better times, the chance to take stock of your life, and, most significantly, the knowledge that you have a full year’s worth of upcoming racing games to look forward to.

Two massive racing game titles that have been dormant for some time will revive in 2023, along with a severe contender to Mario Kart’s crown and perhaps many other games. What are you most looking forward to in the way of new driving games in 2023? We’ve listed our top five picks below.

Top 5 Racing Games
Top 5 Racing Games

Wreckreation – TBA 2023

Unlike its predecessor, Dangerous Driving—which served as a spiritual successor to the original Burnout games—Wreckreation focuses more on the moments immediately following a hard stop. Typically, there will be a lot of flying metal, sparks, and shards of glass.

The game’s main addition is Sledgehammer County, a 400km2 sandbox where players may set up obstacles and create winding courses hundreds of meters above the ground.

The globe becomes less like a racetrack and more like a super-sized crazy golf course as you uncover increasingly absurd obstacles to introduce to it, such as moving windmills and gigantic cows. This might be the most exciting thing that’s happened to you since your mother gave away your Hot Wheels track.

Forza Motorsport – Spring 2023

This nuts-and-bolts overhaul of Forza Motorsport results from half a decade of quiet effort. At the same time, Forza Horizon has been busy throwing parties worldwide and attracting millions of gamers in that time.

Early looks at the game have been graphically stunning, as you’d expect from a Forza game. They feature realistically modeled automobiles that you could probably convince us you saw them being built from scratch.

We are eager for the triumphant return of the only sim with the massive resources necessary to compete with Gran Turismo after 2017’s solid but forgettable Forza Motorsport 7. At least until Elon Musk, for whatever reason, chooses to open a game studio just for fun.

Disney Speedstorm – TBA 2023

Disney’s answer to Nintendo‘s all-conquering kart-em-up mines the megacorp’s massive library of characters.

If anyone can challenge Mario Kart, it’s the House of Mouse. To put it another way, this is your chance to see Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean launch a rocket at Baloo from a moving vehicle in The Jungle Book.

The overall look is rather grim for a kids’ game, with muted colors accented by neon; we’re hoping this will make us feel less ashamed if we’re ever discovered playing it.

The game will be free to download and play, but we anticipate that you will be required to make in-app purchases like kart decals and player clothes. It’s possible that we might finally get Donald Duck to don a pair of pants if we keep at it long enough.

Pacific Drive – TBA 2023

You may have surmised from the eerie atmosphere and lack of billboards that Pacific Drive is not a racing game. Instead, it’s a survival horror experience where you tailor and drive a customized station wagon across a strange and eerie Pacific Northwest, emerging only when necessary.

A distinct universe and road network await you every time you venture out from your base of operations, an abandoned garage within the so-called Olympic Exclusion Zone. True to form, that’s how we feel every time we get lost in Milton Keynes.

To put it another way, at Buckinghamshire’s busiest commuter hub, you won’t find any Lovecraftian monsters, deadly anomalies that bend reality, or buckets of slimy green slime. Unless, of course, things have deteriorated dramatically in your part of the world.

Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown – TBA 2023

Test Drive Unlimited came out before Forza Horizon and featured similar excitement. There was a vast, free-roaming world to explore, always-on internet co-op for spontaneous road trips, and flashy automobiles to lounge in like you’ve just closed a deal on a Silicon Valley start-up.

By 2023, the same team responsible for the excellent official WRC games will have brought back the original online open-world racer, this time using Hong Kong Island and its surrounding highways as the course.

While we’re looking forward to exploring the city’s more crowded sections, we’re even more excited to explore the breathtaking hills surrounding it.

In addition to amassing a garage full of exotic automobiles, your character’s ultimate objective is to win the game’s grand prize, the Solar Crown, which we can only hope is a lifelike, glistening crown.

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