Trading Platform Tiger.Trade Announces Conor McGregor as Ambassador

UFC featherweight and lightweight champion Conor McGregor has signed on as an Ambassador for Tiger.Trade, a retail trading ecosystem based in Switzerland. Internationalization expands the scope of Trade. With Tiger.quick Trade’s expansion of its financial products for both seasoned professionals and casual retail clients, McGregor’s involvement as a new partner will be significant in raising brand recognition.

According to Tiger.Trade CEO Viktor Mangazeev, “Conor McGregor is exactly the person we want in our corner as we try to push our global clients to new heights.” As the global economy faces shock waves and bouts of high volatility, “trading, especially on bear markets, takes determination, passion, and courage – all attributes of this renowned MMA legend.”

“I’m always on the lookout for new and exciting people and organizations to work with who are at the forefront of their respective fields. A winning attitude and Tiger are essential in the world of international finance. Only Trade has that, “McGregor remarked. “In other words, success requires facing adversity head-on. I’m excited to be working with these guys because they’re the real deal.”

Tiger.flagship Trade’s offering first appeared in the market in 2015. The firm has since earned the trust of more than 175,000 high-volume professional traders, resulting in a monthly trading volume of more than $6 billion. Traders can access a wide range of financial instruments from within the Tiger.Trade interface. Through the Tiger. In the trade ecosystem, users can access various financial tools, including but not limited to stocks, futures, options, and digital currencies, and may conduct in-depth market analysis.

We are utilizing this sizable clientele of experienced traders and novices, Tiger.

Trade introduced the first copy-trading app that could prove its results over the blockchain. With copy-trading, newcomers to the market can safely and automatically mimic the actions of more seasoned investors. Traders and Tiger are followed by users who have made the selections. Subscribers have the chance to profit from Trade Copy’s automated transaction replication. Only when users copy trades that are successful are they charged a small subscription fee.

“Trading has never been more accessible, generating chances for everyone which did not exist before,” added McGregor. “Tiger.Trade devised a brilliant method to ease newcomers into the trading realm.”

All About Tiger.Trade 

Tiger.Trade for Windows, released in 2015, is a trading platform for managing stocks, futures, options, other commodities, and financial instruments on exchanges throughout the world. Tiger.Trade provides a flexible trading and market analysis desktop environment. Tiger.Trade for macOS is currently in development, and a beta release is scheduled for the fall of 2022.


The most recent offering from the firm, Trade Copy, is a copy-trading software for iOS and Android that grants customers protected access to a database of verified experienced Traders using blockchain technology.

Tiger Trade Capital AG, Tiger.authorized Trade’s subsidiary is a Swiss Financial Intermediary that complies with all reporting standards the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) set down.