This Humble Bundle of $10 Puzzle Games Is Fantastic

The new Unparalleled Puzzlers bundle on Humble brings together seven puzzle-focused games on Steam into a single package, with all proceeds going to the Razom for Ukraine charity, which provides aid to victims of the conflict in Ukraine.

Award-winning puzzler Baba Is You is included in this set; it takes the basic premise of pushing blocks and turns it into a challenging experience by giving each object you encounter its own set of characteristics that might change or morph your character in unexpected ways.

This Humble Bundle of $10 Puzzle Games Is Fantastic
This Humble Bundle of $10 Puzzle Games Is Fantastic

The puzzle-based strategy game Dorfromantik is another option. Using randomly drawn tiles, players build expansive cities and landscapes, with the placement of each tile yielding points based on its proximity to other tiles.

You get not one, but two panoramic editions of Monument Valley in this set. There is a lot of atmosphere in these games, as players explore panoramic landscapes replete with hidden tunnels and optical illusions. Panorama Editions of both games provide the whole game plus all downloadable content updates.

The Last Campfire, a 3D exploration game, DARQ: Complete Edition, a side-scrolling platformer, and Creaks, a hand-painted point-and-click adventure, round out this package of puzzle games.

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