All the New Features Added in the Next Generation Patch for The Witcher 3

The Witcher 3: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt owners can now update to the latest version, 4.0. (the Nintendo Switch update is coming soon).

Many changes and additions have been made to this version, including graphics upgrades, fixes to improve the game's overall quality of life, references to the Netflix show, and a brand-new quest. This guide will detail everything added in patch 4.0 for The Witcher 3: Next Generation.

The Witcher 3
The Witcher 3

Update Graphics

The Next Generation upgrade to The Witcher 3 mainly includes improved visuals. Resolution upgrades have been made to the graphics of creatures, Geralt, significant NPCs, several types of vegetation, and even the sky (and weather).

Fixes as simple as preventing hair from clipping through armor are included in the updates that aim to clean up the visuals. The Nitpicker's Patch, which fixes many graphical issues in earlier versions, is also part of the 4.0 update.

Players on PC and PS5 may now enjoy dynamic world illumination thanks to raytracing in the latest patch. Raytraced reflections and shadows can now be enabled on PCs as well.

Netflix Content

Dandelion (Jasker) and the Nilfgaardian Army receive (optional) improvements beyond just 4K graphics to mirror their portrayal in the Witcher Netflix series. In the Shadow of the Eternal Fire is a new optional quest for level 15 players in Velen.

If you get through it, you'll be rewarded with plans for some cool armor based on the series: Forgotten Wolf School Witcher Gear. Afterward, a hunt for Forgotten Wolf School Equipment will lead you to the blueprints for a sword made of steel and silver.


It is now possible to carry over your progress from one installation of The Witcher 3 to another. The most recent game you played will sync with your GOG account and be stored in the cloud.

You'll also have access to the White Tiger of the West set, which includes the Nine-Tailed Vixen steel and silver swords, along with the White Tiger of the West armor, vambraces, trousers, and boots.

As well as the Dol Blathanna set includes the Sword of a Thousand Flowers steel and silver swords, along with the Thousand Flowers armor, gauntlets, trousers, and boots. You may pick up your new gear at the Royal Palace in Vizima, where you'll find Yennifer.

Quality of Life And Mod Integration

In addition to the game's cosmetic overhauls, The Witcher 3 has seen significant alterations thanks to the addition of fan-created mods such as the Full Combat Rebalance 3.

The result is a plethora of adjustments and enhancements that make the game more enjoyable overall, such as a higher height before taking fall damage, the ability to cast signs more quickly than previously (without using a wheel), the ability to gather herbs, and much more promptly.

A new photo mode joins a more dynamic in-game camera and a closer-to-Geralt camera as camera options.

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