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The Sims 4 Discover University Cheats Adding Or Removing Degrees, Career Skills, And Levels

The Sims 4 University Cheats

The Sims 4 University Cheats

The PC/Mac version of The Sims 4: Discover University will be available on November 15, 2019, with the console versions following on December 17, 2019. Both systems should be able to make use of this cheat manual. You may give your Sim a leg up in life by using cheats to increase their traits, careers, and skills—you can even let them graduate with a degree they never worked for.

Career Cheats

There are now three additional Professions available to you at Discover University. The field of Engineering comes first, with sub-disciplines including Computer and Mechanical Engineering. Judges and private attorneys make up one branch of the legal profession, whereas, in the academic world, there are administrators and professors. Each of these can be promoted through Careers. to advertise, you might use:

Skill Cheats

The Stats are available for your use as per usual. The new skills in Discover University can be cheated with Set Skill Level. Both the Research and Debate and Robotics Abilities categories apply. Both have a lot of practical applications. Use to determine your proficiency level:

Enroll in University

If you shift-click your Sim when testing cheats are enabled, you’ll be presented with a depressingly sparse University Debug Menu from which you can select “Enroll in University” to be sent directly to the enrollment page.

Join or Leave University Organizations (Requires Mod) 

Joining a student group with a cheat is doable, albeit you’ll need the All Cheats Mod to do so. By happy accident, I investigated and found it. You’ll need to use Sims for this purpose. Get_Sim_ID_By_Name YourSimFirstName YourSimLastName – The ID will appear in the window. You can now utilize hacks to quickly and easily join any group you like. If you’re already in, this will toggle and kick you out.

Use the SimID in the game’s cheat console after copying and pasting the first section of the code. Make sure you carefully enter this ID. This is a more complex hack that requires precision.

Rank Up University Organization Cheats (No Mod Needed)

Because someone requested, I looked into the possibility of employing a trick to grant rank increases within an existing Sims Organization. With stats.set stat, you can: To advance the Debate guild to Rank 2 (Rank 2 is the cutoff of 166), the RankedStatistic CollegeOrganization Progress Debate must be 333.

All of them are laid out below for your convenience in copying and pasting. If you’re playing on a PC or Mac and want to use a cheat to join, download the AllCheats Mod (described above), but if you don’t want to do that, you can always just ask a member or show up to one of their meetings (listed on the kiosk’s events calendar) and introduce yourself.

All groups are listed below. Remember which School you’re a part of; there are different groups at each one, and it would be foolish to utilize the secret language of the school that is your archrival. It’s possible to lose the ability to join groups lawfully if you connect your Sim to one without following the guidelines.

Spawn Crafting Supplies

When I turn on TestingCheats, I can shift-click the robotics table and select “Spawn Crafting Supplies” from the menu that appears. All items in the selected Sim’s inventory will be multiplied by 50. Excellent time saver if you plan on cheating anyway and don’t want to spam build these in order to get a Servo or Fixer bot for your home.

University Cheats (Requires Mod)

The TwistedMexi All Cheats Mod adds a plethora of cheats to the game. Each of the commands is prefixed by “University.” Let me run down each one and what it seems to offer you below. For some, the focus is merely on education.

Degree Cheats Without Mod

Why is this last?  Due to the fact that it is a rather lengthy document. Here I will detail the steps necessary to earn a Discover University Honors Degree in each academic discipline. It is possible to switch between BA and BS programs in order to obtain the standard offering from the other School if this is what you prefer.

Use Traits.Equip Trait to add the degree to your Sim (they’re simply traits, but have their own special slot on your Simology panel). The game will now automatically give you all the benefits a recent college grad would get when you choose a career field by analyzing your character’s attributes.

Here’s a list organized by degree type. Keep in mind that while you may need only one degree, there are actually four available. Britechester provides all of the BAs, whereas Foxbury provides all of the BSs. The finest degree to get from a school of the arts (basically anywhere in Britain) is a BA with Honors, while the best degree to get from a school of technology and science is a BS with Honors. This indicates that you have earned a Bachelor of Science degree with the Highest Honors.

Why am I listing all of them? The process is as simple as copying and pasting, and you may find that fine-grained control over your diploma’s origin is worthwhile. In order to guarantee comprehension, I’ll annotate a few of these with brief remarks. I’m making it easy to copy and paste, and I’m also providing links to information about each degree.

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