The Senate Republican predicts that the impeachment process will be ended by the Union state

“I suspect we’ll be done with that when the President comes,” said Blunt.

“I think we should have had enough time so that both the House could give its view of why the President should be charged and the President could be fair … to give his lawyers an opportunity to explain why he was shouldn’t be, and then we’ll vote and move on, “added Blunt on Tuesday.

The schedule outlined by Blunt would mean that a Senate trial would take less than four weeks. The house does not return to Washington until January 7th, so Pelosi can submit the two impeachment proceedings to the Senate on the first day and appoint the property managers.

Pelosi has not announced when it will forward the articles to the Senate. She wants details of what the process will look like. And McConnell and Schumer left Washington for the holidays at a “dead end” in negotiations on the rules of impeachment proceedings against the Senate.

McConnell did not specify a specific time frame for a trial in the Senate. GOP leader spokesmen did not immediately respond to a question regarding Blunt’s comments on Tuesday.

But McConnell has indicated that he wants a shorter process. He told Fox News Radio earlier this month that he doesn’t believe that the House’s or other Trump’s team should call witnesses.
“I think we’ve heard enough. After hearing the arguments, we should vote and move on,” said McConnell.

However, some Republicans have set Schumer’s timeframe for the first phase of a process in which both sides put forward their arguments and ask senators questions.

In a letter to McConnell, Schumer outlined an approximately two-week timeframe for the first phase, in which both sides had 24 hours to present their opening arguments and 16 hours for senators to ask questions.