Before this week, a Twitter person added hearth to a discussion which is been simmering since, oh, say, 2005, when Joe Wright’s Keira Knightley-starring Satisfaction And Prejudice adaptation was introduced. It started with this straightforward request for info:

Most diverting! If one particular chooses to value a gentleman in all his finery, just one has the right to choose the gentleman, presented he be of great fortune, of at least 4 thousand a 12 months. Why just one does not simply just pick to admire the two gentlemen escapes me. Still the most amiable persons of the net took up arms (or GIFs, at minimum) and valiantly defended the Darcy of their picking, most vociferously. A pleasant entertainment, on the area.

However there is an injustice which will have to be rectified, just one which phone calls into question the fantastic feeling of all worried and does great dishonor to 1 Darcy in unique. In shorter, let us say this:

How dare you assholes disregard Matthew Rhys?

We will not let it. Whilst it is correct that Demise Arrives To Pemberley, which aired in the U.S. on PBS’s Masterpiece, is not pretty as very well-recognised as possibly of the real Delight And Prejudices above—an exaggeration, they are behemoths and this is a admirer fiction-y murder thriller, nevertheless a incredibly good one—this is Matthew Rhys we’re talking about. Matthew Rhys of The People. Matthew Rhys of The Wine Clearly show. Matthew Rhys, one particular of the terrific world wide web boyfriends. How dare you do him soiled like this? Certain, he’s not coming off a Succession high suitable now, and okay, they tour the shirt Colin Firth wore when he jumped in the pool by way of museums and stuff, but he is Matthew Rhys, and his Darcy is a stone-chilly fox. It. Shall. Not. Stand!

The thread beneath that very first tweet is a treasure-trove of Darcy material, with Macfadyen defenders frequently noting the finger-flex:

And Firth enthusiasts, when not citing the pond scene and subsequent Soaked Shirt, generally point out that the male gets double-points for also being the Bridget Jones Darcy:

We will also often guidance this respond to:

Even though she has an belief, much too:

But come on, just search at this.

Gif: YouTube

Oh indeed, Matthew Goode is also in Dying Arrives To Pemberley, you are welcome. Shorter model: The appropriate solution is “I will decide all 3 of them, and by a few I imply Firth, Macfadyen, and Matthew Goddamn Rhys, and also D’Arcy Carden.”

But Laurence Olivier can go fuck himself.